Should the Indian passport be redesigned?

Should the Indian passport be redesigned ?

Of course. Indian passport is among the most boringly designed passports out there. It is designed by bureaucrats than artists. For such a colorful nation of brilliant variety, our passport is monotonous. Here is the interior of an Indian passport. It has nothing.

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Now, here is the interior of an American passport. It has brilliant quotes and great many specialities of the land.

I say we make it 72 pages with each state & union territory given a 2-page spread, – the best wonder from that state could be used as the background image and some great quote from a literature of that region used as the text. The passport could be a passport for Indians to look into India – to take pride, joy and enlightenment.

Let’s make it modern; let’s make it colourful; let’s make it secure; let’s make it big and let’s make it really worthy to bear the Bharata name.

Credit goes to: Balaji Viswanathan

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