What is it like to be raised by an Indian father?

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Indian father

  • Age: 0-2 : He became my official photographer & captured my entire childhood in his camera.
  • Age: 2-5: Became my superman & my happiness was paramount.
  • Age: 5-7 : Gave up all the bad habits(smoking, drinking etc) to prove himself as a better father.
  • Age : 7-10 : Gifted me Video games,Comics, toys, made me join swimming classes etc.
  • Age: 10-12: Although he was my Pick up and drop service still gifted me brand new bicycle.
  • Age: 12-15: We became best friends.(Till now & till death)
  • Age: 15-17: Never made me realize that our financial condition wasn’t that good.
  • Age : 17-18 : Didn’t buy a new bike & made me join coaching for IIT-JEE.
  • Age: 18-22:

*I Joined Engineering*

  1. He gifted me a new smartphone.

2. ME: Dad, I need 2000 Rs
Father: *Gives 5000*

3. Me: Please recharge my phone by 250 Rs
*Your account balance is now 1000 Rs*

4. Again Bought me a new smart phone & a brand new expensive laptop.

5. We could have afforded only one AC, he installed it in my room.

*Completed Engineering*

  • Age : 22-23 : Although I have a job now still he always supports me financially & mentally . Treats me like a child by showing my childhood pics & proves that “ best memories are those which draw a smile on your face”.

Dads are awesome. They teach us selfless love. Even if you abandon them to an old age home, they will still pray for you and won’t stop loving you.

Credits: Kaustav Das

Maruthi Prasad

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One thought on “What is it like to be raised by an Indian father?

  • December 18, 2016 at 12:01 am

    Great post on Indian Father I have ever read….
    Heart touching… love it….. Especially point no 2….


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