What are some of the interesting facts about India?

1) Roopkhund Lake (Human skelton lake)

Roopkund Lake is a glacial lake located at about 5000 meters in the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand. In 1942, a forest guard stumbled upon hundreds of human skeletons on the banks of Roopkund.  Carbon dating of the corpses puts them between 12thand 15th century. The fact that intrigued the investigators was that there was no historical account of any such past incident on the trade route to Tibet.

The skeletons are believed to be of the pilgrimages of Kannauj (which was   under the  King jasdhawal) and they were on their way to Nanda Devi. They were caught in a terrible hailstorm crossing this lake. With no availability of shelters they succumbed ed here

You may find these even today walking here.

Source : Roopkund

2)Strange Ritual Chants of Kerala

Some ritual chants of Kerala have patterns, but no known meaning. They can’t be written down and can only be transmitted orally. No language has phonetic equivalents for it. Their nearest analog is bird songs! These aural traditions are actually bird vocalizations which originated before human speech.The early humans before learning to speaking copied the voices and sounds of birds


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I also saw it in a BBC documentary:
The Story of India

3)Mass Bird Suicides in Jatinga

A village in the Dima Hasao district of Assam witnesses mass suicidal of the birds in the moonless nights of September and October.This event has been occurring year after year for centuries .

Scientists believe the presence of lights and mist confuse the birds leading to their death.They don’t commit suicide.

Source : Jatinga

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4) A ghost city ?

The village of Kuldhara is like a ghost village that has been abandoned since 1800s. It is said to carry a curse of the villagers who migrated to other places. Kuldhara lies about 15 Km west of Jaisalmer in western Rajasthan. The village now lies in ruins.

Many theories has been established but no conclusive evidence has been found to explain the great exodus of people in 18th century.

Source; Kuldhara – A haunted village near Jaisalmer

5) Dinosaur eggs and Skeletons are also found in India

The dinosaur eggs are found in India .In some areas of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh eggs of giant reptiles are found and even illegally sold at 10$

Fossilized skeletons with length around 18-20m and 10-13 tonnes have been found in Maharashtra.They are also believed to be found in Gujarat,Rajasthan and .M.P.

Source : Dinosaur eggs and bones found in Maharashtra

6) Sthambheshwar Mahadev ( The submerging temple)

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated about 40 miles from Vadodara in the small town of Kavi Kamboi of Gujarat.  This temple of Lord Shiva can only be visited during the low tide hours. In the hours of high tides it remains mostly submerged.

Source: THE DISAPPEARING TEMPLE-Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple

7)   Bengal Swamps – West Bengal (Aleya Ghost lights)

These are the mysterious lights which are often encounered by the fishermen in the marshy regions of West Bengal.Many fishermen have drowned or their bodies washed off from the river following these mysterious lights.

No scientific conclusion has properly explained this phenomena.

Source: Will-o’-the-wisp

8)India has more mosques than the churches in France.


India is home to 3,00,000 mosques which is more than any country of world .

Source: Multicultural India has more mosques than any Muslim country

9) Number of tourists visiting Uttarakhand is more than its population

The population of Uttarakhand according to 2011 census was 10,116,752. The number of tourists visiting are 2.5 crore .

Souce:  Page on indiatimes.com

10) Kottayam or Red Rain in Kerala


The southern districts of Kottayam and Idukki of Kerala witnessed an unusual phenomenon on July 25 to September 23, 2001 when the rain was unusually red tinged. Colored rainfall in Kerala had been reported as early as 1986 and on several instances since then, the most recent of which was in June of 2012.

On evaluation of the water it was found to contain cells and these
cells resembled spores of lichen-forming algae belonging to the genus Trentepohlia. On further investigation, it was discovered that these areas had abundance of such type of algae in trees, rocks and even lamp posts.

Source: Red rain in Kerala

11)India’s first photographed serial killer

THUG BEHRAM (1765-1840)

One of the first serial killers to be photographed. He had killed around 925 people .He was hanged by East India company in 1840.He himself confesses to have killed around 125 people.

He had a very strange technique of killing people.He had attached medallion to the handkerchief and with great practice he would cast the hankerchief to land on a person’s adam’s apple.Then he would strangulate that person.

Source : Thug Behram

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