An incident that made me cry in public?

An Incident that made me cry in public

**“She thought I was asking for Sex”**

Last year, I was traveling from Pune (Maharashtra ,India) to Mumbai by train, in General coach .

My compartment was loaded with sitting passengers. Very few were standing, though some seats were available to seat I was standing near the door. When train reached at Lonawala, India junction I saw one Eunuch (Hindi : Hijras ) ( I will call Human – H from now ) entered in my compartment from other side of door.

As usual, people gave little annoyed look to each others. (In India being Eunuch is taboo ). Everyone thought that H will ask money so, suddenly some closed their eyes pretended to sleep. Some put on earphones. As I was standing at the door I was able to see whole compartment.

To our surprise H did nothing. H saw one place and sat there. But as soon as H took a seat the passenger on the opposite seat arrogantly asked H to go and sit some other place. It was unexpected .

H just stands up without saying anything took a seat near to the door where I was standing. But story was no more different from before, the lady besides her asked her to go and sit near the toilet saying this seat is not for people like you. I expected some reaction from H on this but in vain, without saying a word H came to the door and stood beside me.

Now, frankly I was in utter shock to what I just saw and felt very bad for everything. To make it up, I gave H a smile, H saw but didn’t smile me back. I was eating chips I offered H, no reply again. So, I just started to look outside was enjoying nature.

After a couple of minutes, I again started a conversation with H asking about very random questions like which station would next and like that. H replied me, I was happy that H at last started a conversation. We had a conversation for hardly 5 minutes. Train stops at Khandala,Maharashtra,India .

And suddenly ………….

H held my hand and said,

look I will not have sex with you or will give you any pleasure. I have to go. You are a nice guy !!!”

I was like ….What …no way!! ….What …why would she even thought about it.

H said , “See no one wants to talk with us, when someone gives even a smile to us it means he needs at least a hand job from us. I spoke with you for five minutes, so you must be expecting something from me.

so …….”

I was speechless, my eyes were filled, I didn’t know that they have to trade their bodies for even a five minutes casual conversation.

H just alighted the train but left so many questions to me. The remaining journey I was like ……

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