The incident which motivates you forever ?

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The incident which motivates you forever

This happened during my trip to Sikkim(a state in India). We were visiting monasteries(Buddhist temple). By the end of day I was really tired so I decided to sit outside a monastery. While sitting there I observed a group of kids playing cricket which is a usual scene in the evenings but then I saw 2 kids(around 7–8 yr old) who were picking up stones and garbage.

I went to them and asked them.

Me: why are you not playing with the rest and instead picking up garbage and stones?

Kid: Didi when ppl come here for visiting the monastery they are not allowed to take their footwear inside and these stones may hurt those ppl. So we kids take turn to remove these everyday.

Such small kids could think of doing good for others, without having any selfish interest from it. They were not getting paid for it or getting anything in return but their intentions were very pure.

This incident motivates me that sometimes we should do just for the sake of doing good without expecting anything in return.

I could not resist myself from taking their picture!

Edit: As most of the ppl are asking, yes I did help those kids.

As we grow old we become more selfish and loose our innocence and selfless nature to help others.

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