Here are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known

Here is something I’ll share with you all for fun.

To hide a Folder without hiding from its location.

Step 1: Right-click on Desktop

Step 2: Click on New, Click on Folder

Step 3: Don’t write anything in the name box

Step 4: Press Alt+255 on windows 7 and click anywhere. You’ll see that the name section has been blank.

Step 5: Now to right-click on the folder and click on the Properties

Step 6: Click on the Customize tab

Step 7: Click on the Change Icon

Step 8: Scroll the box and click on the blank icon

Step 9: Click Ok

Step 10: Click on Ok again.

Voila! You are good to go. Hide your stuff 😉

Credits : Mudassir Ali

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