What is the height of Indian hypocrisy?

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The height of Indian hypocrisy

  • When the reel heroes are admired, while our real heroes are disdained !
  • When an empowered common man ignores the unpowered common man !
  • When the food in parliament canteen is way cheaper than college canteens
  • When a so called human being runs being human ! or ( ‘when being human runs over human being’ as suggested by Mihir Karbelkar )
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  • When so called rights dominates more than the basic human rights !
  • When the farmers who care for people, don’t get cared by people !
  • When so called media focuses more on Bollywood than the people’s livelihood !
  • When some dumb followers support an anti-nationalist & so called student leader !
  • When we bargain with roadside vendors, while buy the stuff unspoken from supermarkets !
  • When we pray for the soldiers at the borders, but don’t even smile or wish when we came across them !
  • When the people who have to question the government, sleep in the parliament !
  • When the c’rap’pers get more opportunities than the gifted singers !
  • When we don’t even thank or smile, for the people who stand in scorching heat, sweep floors and washrooms, drive cabs for us to smile !
  • When talent is not deserved, as he is not so called reserved !

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  • When we happily receive our couriers, but don’t even have a concern of saying thanks to delivery boys, he travels all day despite many barriers !
  • When our farmers get thrashed for not paying loan of just lakhs, while our so called playboy can get absconded to any country even after not paying thousands of crores !
  • When we criticise for a girl child, but unaware that a group of dedicated women scientists behind the phenomenal success of our ISRO !
  • When the reel marycom earns more than the real marycom just for her biopic !
  • When everyone wants Olympic medals, but no one wants to train their children in sports !
  • When the people who have to support soldiers, throw stones at them !
  • When we feel bad seeing thirsty poor birds dying, but don’t even try to keep a bowl of water on our terrace for them !
  • When our brave hearts fight for us in extreme conditions, while we fight among us for acute situations ! ( We can raise funds here for them : https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/inde… )
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  • When we pray for others lives in hindrance, but don’t even give a way to ambulance !
  • When the uneducated behaves far better than so called educated !

Don’t just blindly support someone, just because they entertain !

Don’t just blindly vote for someone, just because of some freebies !

Stand for the deserved. Stand against the undeserved !

Don’t be greedy. Help the needy !!

Think before you take a decision. Strive for a better nation !!

We shouldn’t wait for the change to happen. We should bring that change !

Don’t leave it hereafter. Or else our nation’s future will be shoddy thereafter !

Hope one day the nation will be free from such hypocrisies !!

_/\_Jai Hind_/\_

Image Source : Google, TOI, Blogs, Wikipedia, etc..

P.S 1: This answer is not to demean any big shots. But, a little attempt to create awareness among the people what to follow & what not to. Hope you take it positively. If not, you are free to disagree !

Credits: Vamsi Krishna Namala

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