Most Heartbreaking and Tragic love story ever

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Most Heartbreaking and Tragic love story ever

This is a true story written by an Anonymous girl in Quora

I am sorry for being anonymous as I can’t afford to disclose my identity, u’ll get to know as you read. I am also sorry for my disarrayed English because the story I am telling is HEART BREAKING AND TRAGIC TO SAY THE LEAST.

I am a girl from a Conservative Rajasthani family and my best friend from childhood was a Bengali guy. We lived nearby in both of our adopted hometown JAIPUR.
As long back as my memory can recollect, I remember that I had him in my life. We went to the same school. We used to hang out together all the time. We studied together, played together, fooled around, partied together, did almost everything together. Morning 6:30 am, we boarded the bus to school, from then till night we spent time with each other.
We grew up. He opted for Engineering and went to college in Kolkata. In those 4 years of college, we talked almost everyday (Mobile phones just became popular and affordable that time). I knew each and every secret and everything that happened in his life. He was the only one with whom I shared everything. My parents knew him perfectly well and I was like a daughter to his Dad. In fact I was allowed to go out for roadtrips or parties only if he was going, or else my parents wouldn’t allow me.

It won’t take rocket science to know how madly I was in love with him. He used to come home from college during vacations and those used to be my favourite few days of the year. He had his fair share of relationships and girlfriend struggles (he wasn’t good with other girls :p) and I was always the one helping him out. Ofcourse, he loved me immensely and it took him until the last semester of college to understand that I was the love of his life.

Finally, I was in a relationship with him. My best friend from childhood. It was the most magical years of our lives. It was perfect. We had great jobs, we made good money, we were living in our favourite city (JAIPUR: Once you love this city, you’ll never leave). I had never been happier, I was so lost in love that I forgot my roots and the problems associated with it (Conservative Maheshwari Family from Rajasthan)

It was all too short lived.

We turned 25, I had just cleared my CA exams. That’s when things started to go wrong. My parents had started looking for a suitable match for me behind my back. I was shocked to find out about this. They knew about me and my boyfriend. They never even considered my boyfriend as a possible option.
I was devastated, had no idea what to do, whom to talk to. My parents said I had to break up with him because he’s not from our caste and his ideology never matches ours. My siblings said that this situation was always gonna come and I was too ignorant to not see it coming (they were right, but it didn’t help my case back then)
I told him everything, cried my heart out, asked him to take me away, just run away from reality, where nothing else mattered, except me and him.

He was the best person I knew, he was never gonna run away (I knew).

He said he’ll always be my best friend, will always be by my side whenever I need him, will always love me no matter where he is, what he does, but family comes first.

Family stays with you forever, no matter who you are, how high you fly, how low you sink. Your parents, brothers and sisters are your own. Never hurt them, be with them. You don’t get everything you want in life. In our case, we won’t get to be with each other forever. What we already have is way more than what most people get in a lifetime”

These are the exact lines he told me before breaking up with me, I will remember it for the rest of my life.
I got married next year. He attended my wedding and gelled in seamlessly (he’s the strongest person I know).

We always kept in touch, my husband liked him (to be true he cannot be hated), and it was profoundly evident that he hasn’t moved on or he even plans to move on.

His dad passed away when he was 27 (He never saw his mother, she died while giving birth to him). He was alone, no family or kins. The best thing about him was he made very very good friends (our childhood gang).

Two years later, he met with an accident and succumbed to his injuries. The last words he said to me on his death bed, I’ll remember my entire life, it proved how deep and pure true love is, and it’s absolutely impossible to fall out of it.
I’ll love him for the rest of my life, doesn’t matter he’s DEAD
He said:
See, thank God we didn’t get married. Or else u would’ve been a widow at the age of 29. The gods above would have been so annoyed with me”

I am proud of my best friend, my true love. He’s the best person to ever set foot in this world.

I hope he finally met his mom in the heavens and reunited with his dad. They are surely the proudest parents ever.

EDIT 1: I didn’t expect such widespread reaction within 2 days. Just wanted to share my story.
One thing that he’s taught me over the years is that the world is not big and our time is very very short lived and opportunities are limited. Make the best out of what u’ve got! I’m doing fine (or at least trying to). It’s hard yes, U have no idea how hard. But like he always said:
It’s Okay, It’s gonna be fine. Everything is gonna work out as it’s meant to be”

This is a true story written by an Anonymous girl in Quora

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