What are the harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s?

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 Harsh life lessons

1) Nobody cares about you. You are the only person who can take care of you and the only person who know you better, so make your priority list and put yourself at the top.

2) Best Friends forever is a myth. Get up and accept the fact, with time everyone(including you) change, many will leave you and you will leave many. People will come into your life, play their role and leave with time, so don’t get too much emotionally attached.

3) The Reason you are able to live your life till now is your family. They are the silent protector. Talk to your parents as much as you can, they should be on your priority list after you and then Rest of the world.

4) Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique in their own way. You only know about their current position, not about the path.

5) Don’t try to please everyone. “I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone” – Bill Cosby.

6) Self-motivation is very important factor in life.

7) Whatever is causing you worry or pain right now won’t cause you worry or pain forever. Things change with time and it will pass.

8) Help others, it will give you the greatest pleasure but not at the cost of your loss.

9) Accept, you don’t always get what you want. No matter how hard you work, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to and it’s totally fine. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon.

10) Laugh with everyone but don’t trust.

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11) Get over with your past. Remember it’s your past, not future (No matter it is good or bad).

12) Don’t expect too much from anyone. Too much expectation can kill you from inside.

13) Don’t make yourself available too much for anyone, you will your lose importance.

14) Cry if want to cry. There is no shame in it, it’s fine ( Mard ko bhi dard hota h..!! ).

15) You always have a choice, Always.

16) Learn to give respect.

17) Learn to appreciate others work.

18) There’s no shame in saying “I don’t know”. Nobody has all the answers, pretending to be perfect doesn’t make you perfect.

19) Don’t take anything for granted.

20) Learn to make tea or coffee according to your own taste, it will make you feel special.


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