What are some great natural wonders in India?

When it comes to big predators India has immense diversity, far ahead of any other country.
White tigers of Bengal

Snow leopards of Himachal

Red Pandas of Sikkim

One horned rhinos of Assam

Royal Bengal Tigers of Ranthampore, Rajasthan

Only members of Asiatic Lions in Gir, Gujarat.

The national bird Peacock, Maharashtra

Its white cousin.

The River Dolphins of Ganges in Uttar Pradesh

Cobras of Tamil nadu.

Black panther

All the OSX releases are in natural form.
Lions. Check. Tigers. Check. Snow leopards. Check. One horned Rhinos. Check.White Tigers. Check. Cobra. Check. Panther. Check. Just a sample of immense natural beauty with 1000s of great animals.
World’s largest mangrove forests and delta in Sunderbans of Bengal.

Besides that we have world heritage mangroves of Pichavaram in TN and amazing Nations parks of Kaziranga & Manas in Assam.Valley of flowers of Uttaranchal:

Kanjenjunga – world’s third highest peak

South Asia’s only active volcano – Barren hills of Andamans
Coral reefs of Andamans











Jog falls in Karnataka

From the Western Ghats of Karnataka to Andamans to Himalayas, India is steeped with natural beauty.

Credit goes to: Balaji Viswanathan

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