What are some good qualities of MS Dhoni?

Here are some good qualities of MS Dhoni

5th ODI Ind vs Aus MS dhoni faced first ball just after rohit sharma got out unfortunately at 99.Bowler was john Hastings, Highest wicket taker Australian in the series,Ball rapped on the pad, Hastings appealed in full swing.

It was a straight delivery pitched on middle stump line. Everybody was thinking that he’s out, Dhoni just showed his bat (that there was a nick) and umpire didn’t give him out and then john Hastings moves to Dhoni and asks was there a nick? Dhoni says YES! Hastings moves with satisfaction.
And look what VVS LAXMAN had to say “john Hastings has been a part of csk  whoever plays with dhoni or against dhoni knows what character MS Dhoni is “
That is what MS Dhoni gained while playing for India. To me, its the best quality a man can have, that everybody believes this man will not cheat me.
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Fact 2 :

First this shit came.

Then, he came,

He saw,

He conquered.

He wins the Asia Cup 2016 for his country with his hard-hitting batting and had it been someone else, the person must have thought of celebrating with some swashbuckling shouts, punches in the air or gestures that could have showed the mirror to the Bangadesh fans, but see how this man accepts everything with ease, see how he celebrates victory,

Just a modest hug and a handshake with his mate, Virat Kohli. It shows that nothing, be it a defeat, a victory, appreciation or provocation, absolutely nothing can move this man. Truly stoical!

Hats off to you MS!

Edit: My humble request to some of the intellectual souls on Quora who are claiming this answer to be just a facebook/whatsapp post. Please! Go through the text before jumping to conclusions.

Fact 3 :

India vs Australia – 5th ODI, Sydney


Australia: 330/7

India’s Chase

Overs: 49.1

Dhoni just hits a massive six to take the score to 325/4 with just 6 needed off 5 balls. India on a roll!

Overs: 49.2

Dhoni miscues a length delivery and skies the ball towards long off only to be caught by David Warner.

Dhoni knows the moment he hit it, it was going straight to the fielder. So, he does this:

What is that? He calls the non striker, Manish Pandey, who’s been batting brilliantly on 98, to cross him before the catch is taken so that he could be on strike instead of exposing the newcomer, Gurkeerat. So, Manish pandey obliges.

Dhoni tells something to Pandey as he’s walking off. Probably on the lines of: “Beta, aaj teri baari hai! Khatam karle!” (Son, today’s your day! Finish it off!)

So, what does Manish Pandey do next? This:

That shot went wide of the keeper and wide of the third man fielder for a beautifully constructed and placed boundary. That shot brought up his 100 as well as seized the game for his team.

Goes on to show how quickly Dhoni thinks, at what rate his mind operates! He’s mishit the ball, he knows he’s going to get out, the non striker’s in amazing form, GET HIM ON STRIKE! All this in fractions of a few seconds!

Selflessness personified!!

Now someone please tell me why there are so many Dhoni Bashers!!

Credit goes to Quora

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