Why do we get attached to people?

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Why do we get attached to people

  1. Do you remember confiding in someone in the late hours of the night? (The Emotionally Vulnerable Phase)
  2. Do you remember meeting someone when you had a very good news to share? (The Joyous Phase)
  3. Do you remember randomly calling up someone when you were bored? (The Lonely Phase)
  4. Do you remember seeking emotional support from someone when you were in a bad mood? (The Stress Phase)

  • Why did you do that?
  1. This is because a confession made you feel relieved and emotionally liberated.
  • What happened next?
  1. You went to the same person again when you were happy/ lonely/ stressed/ emotionally vulnerable, the next time.
  2. You began considering that person, the enigmatic solution to all woes in your life. (The Psychology of Attachment)
  3. You intentionally or unintentionally made that person, the epicenter of all your emotions.

  • What was the aftermath?
  1. It felt great as long as the other person lasted in your life.
  2. Once that special person took a sharp exit, you suffered two losses:-
    • Loss of that person.
    • Loss of the “cure” to all your problems in life.

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  • How to not get attached?
  1. Take a walk when you feel bored.
  2. Treat yourself with food when you feel happy. (The Dopamine Effect)
  3. Try recounting your past achievements when you feel bad about yourself. (The Self talk Therapy)
  4. Avoid late night conversations. It is the biggest source of pleasure and pain alike.
  5. Remember, every attachment in life comes with a significant risk of detachment. So, take your decision wisely.

Credits: Dibakar Dutta

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