How would you explain the feel of menstruation to a boy?

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So a boy with no uterus, wants to know how does it feel to have one and leaking vagina?

Just imagine. You are sleeping. You are about to make out with your crush in your dream and then suddenly you feel something. You feel something wet and sticky. And it takes hardly ten seconds to realize that it’s not because of the dream, but the uterus you have. You turn the lights on and find yourself in the pool of blood. That wet sticky blood. You rush to the washroom and before you could even clean this mess, you happen to notice something. That’s pain. Well, the word “pain” isn’t actually sufficient to describe that. It’s a feeling. Inexplicable feeling. So your tummy hurts. And your back is so loyal to your tummy that even it starts hurting. And your thighs. And legs. And fucking every part of your body.

So you somehow manage to clean that mess and while placing the napkin at the appropriate place, all you think is, “What am I gonna do? How am I gonna spend the day? And that horrible night?”. You come back to the bed and try to sleep again. But you end up spending the whole night just to find that comfortable position. Because all you are feeling is that a not so cute vampire is trying to tear your uterus. A war is going on. And you can feel that shit. You take an analgesic and somehow manage to sleep at five.

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You wake up and the world is normal around you. People are laughing and working. How can they be happy when I am in so much pain? So you start shouting at whoever comes in front of you for no reason. Do you feel better by that? No. Would you do that again? Yes. Every. Fucking. Time. Why? Hormones!

You start getting ready for work. You want to wear particularly white today. Why? Mood. You can’t. Why? Staining. And those whispers.

You reach office. You have more work to do than usual days. Or it looks like to you that you have more work. Because you don’t belong here. You feel like doing something that makes you feel good usually. You call your girlfriend. She tells you that she is busy in playing PS4 with her friends. You feel worthless and decide to never talk to her.

You cry. No one notices you. You are suffering. No one is able to feel that. You come back home. You skip your meal because you don’t really feel like eating anything except that painkiller. You swallow that. Turn off the lights. And spend the whole night in finding a comfortable position to sleep in, again.

Relax! You are lucky. You don’t go through that. Just try to be a little nice to someone who is going through this. That would be of a great help.

Credits: Harshita Sharma

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