What should every Indian know about the USA?

every Indian know about the USA

If you’re new here, driving a car and you get pulled over by police, DO NOT come out of the car. Remain in the car, seated, relaxed, and put your hands on top of the steering wheel, 10:10 clock position and wait for the cop to come to you. Do not do anything suspicious like bending down to get something. Make the officer feel comfortable (that you’re not trying to attack him or drawing a weapon from under your seat or glove box) and everything will be smooth.

This doesn’t come naturally to us because we generally tend to pull over and move out of the car toward the officer. DO NOT do that in US. This can avert unnecessary trouble.

Credit goes to: Sumeet Kr Sinha

Every Indian who comes to the USA needs to know a few lingo changes. There are some words that if used in USA will evoke laughter and might cause you some embarrassment. Here is my list:

  1. Dicky Vs Trunk: Yes that thing at the back of your car in which you carry your junk is called a ‘trunk’ in the US and calling it a ‘dicky’ might instantly make you the focus of the conversation.
  2. Rubber Vs Eraser: Yes that thing at the back of your pencil is called an ‘eraser’. ‘Rubber’ actually means condom so you don’t want to ever ask a child for a rubber!
  3. Bath Vs Shower: Both words are used in the US but has different meanings. Most indians are used to saying ‘I am going for a bath’ when they are actually going to shower. In US ‘Bath’ means to soak in a tub/jacuzzi and bathe there, whereas a ‘shower’ is where you stand and let the over head jets do their job.
  4. Stepney Vs Spare: If you have a flat tire and ask for a Stepney, you will surely get the ‘Whattttt???’ That extra tire is called a spare tyre (notice the spelling difference too)!

Here are a few more quick ones every Indian know about the USA:

Credit goes to: Sashi Gavani

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