Most embarrassing moment in front of the whole class?

Here are some most embarrassing moments in front of the whole class

Story 1:

Scenario First Year Class of Engineering Drawing:

Everyone was busy with their drawings,

Suddenly A girl came inside class,

Girl: Asks Professor : “May I come in” ?

Prof: After Giving Trolled look (assuming her to be a Late comer)

Prof: Yes.

G:Sir,I want to give some information”.

Prof. :Proceed.

Girl :*facing the students *With a high Pitch* Who’s is that Black Activa ?”Chabi lagi hui hai Usi me” (It is standing unlocked without keys taken off)

Girl1(From my class) : May Be it’s of Shivangi , Mech Ist year( My crush that time ,Now ex gf, at that time she had just newly purchased same vehicle)

G1 : *trying to be smart again* whats the number of activa?

G: without a thought its MP 09 ABCD( i don’t remember actual no. what she said)

Me: * from the last bench without a second thought* “Nahi Shivangi ki gaadi ka to MP 09 A 7878 hai(No ! Shivangi’s Scooty number is MP 09 A 7878)

Whole Class : Staring at me surprisingly *bursts into laughter followed with applause including the prof”

Prof : Silence!

*Girl leaves*

Prof to me : Beta kabhi itna dhyan padhai pe bhi lagaya karo” ! (Son, you should use your this type focus on studies also”

Me: *thinking* Someone please kill me !

*Laughter Continues*…….

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Credit goes to: Rohit Padharia

Story 2:

In my First year Anatomy Class, during the attendance I was busy chit chatting with my friend.

Lecturer : Roll number 22

*no response*

Roll number 22



Me : Kya hai yaar?
(What happened man?)

Lecturer : Tum bahar jao yaar!
(Go out, man!)

All the 100 students burst into laughter followed by me leaving the hall. Taking my friend along with, obviously.

Story 4:

This happened when I was having my mid-sem exams in college.

As I am true Engineer, I always burn the midnight oil one night before the exam when I am truly fucked up.

So I was preparing for this particular subject whole night, I was determined to pass  it!

The next day I got up late and reached the examination hall about 5 mins late.

The examiner gave me the answer sheet, and asked me the subject so that he can give me the question paper.

I went completely blank, I tried really hard but could not recollect the subject which I was preparing all night!

Everyone in the class were staring at me, I could even hear giggling sounds.

After 5 mins of awkward silence…..

I said, “Sir I forgot”

The entire class burst into laughter.

Edit: A lot of you ask whether I passed my exam or not, I did pass it and with a B+ grade.

Credit goes to : Akshay Kamthan

Story 5:

I was sleeping in the class
But that is not the embarrassing part actually !!


My roll no is 7, and usually we have this understanding in our friend circle that if anyone is sleeping in the class, others will wake them up during attendance !

Now this one fine day I was sleeping on the last bench .. Suddenly I heard
I immediately stood up and literally shouted out ‘ Sir 7 present sir’ !!

Oooops …

As it turns out…7 was the answer to some problem he was explaining …

I still remember that scene…everyone in the class started laughing.. And I just waited for the class to get over!

Quite like this actually —

Credit goes to: Ankur Dixit

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