What is it to earn like Rs 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs per annum in India?

I am a senior consultant currently and I earn the salary. In fact, my wife also earns almost the same salary and we are both in India and passed out from the same campus. I have 7 years of experience and started off with a pay package of Rs 6 Lakhs before my MBA and this is my third company right now

Let me split this as a financial, professional and an emotional answer

Financially: Yes it feels great to move from a lower middle class to upper middle class. It feels great that I can now afford luxuries that earlier I could not think about. It feels great that my bank balance looks nice. It feels great at the end of each month when a nice sum of money is credited to my bank account. It feels great that I can dine in slightly better places. It feels great that I do not have to think twice when am hitting the pay button while shopping online. Yes it feels great to have a good disposable income.

Professionally: It feels good to add your designation in your LinkedIn profile in a comparative world where people evaluate their success based on the success of their peers. It feels good that your education background has moved you to a position of respect. It feels good when someone addresses you as “Sir” and these are little happiness in a professional career.

Emotionally: Now, this is where the compromise comes in play. When someone pays you more than 30 lakhs an year, he expects you to put in long hours. The position that pays so much is always in demand and you are always dispensable. You need to spend more hours working than at home. Unless you earn so much doing something that extremely excites you, the job will wear you out. Once you have enough money you will realize that additional money does not bring additional happiness.

When I was earning lesser, I used to work proportionately less. I used to be back home to see my family, I used to spend time with friends, I used to enjoy my weekends. Basically, I had time for myself. With increased income and long hours, the money adds to your bank balance but depreciates your personal time. After all, the money that is paid is in return for your time.

My advice is that it is really a mixed feeling. You always need something that you cannot have and once you have it, you will start finding it less and less interesting.

Credit goes to : Venkat Raghavan

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