Do you regret your marriage, and why?

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Do you regret your marriage (Story 2)

Yeah, I regret it from the core of my heart. Nine years…. nine f**king years, I was with someone who was not mine. I was in B.Tech final year, and met this girl through a common friend. We got into a serious relationship. I got a decent job, but after knowing her Dad’s love for IIT , I worked my ass off to clear GATE .I landed in one of the top 5 IITs. Here comes Long distance relationship part. Some how through a common friend, I got to know that she having a flinging with someone without my knowledge. I asked, and she denied, I gave proof, she accepted, and apologised.

Lesson Learnt: Long distance relationships do not work for all people. It makes you skeptical.

After completing college, I went for a job in Chennai, yet I promised her that we will meet every single month. I kept my promise . Again, the same thing happened.

Lesson Learnt: She does not care for this relationship.

Any how, things got settled.

As she was in Delhi, I switched my job for the Delhi Location, and this time we decided to get married. Any how, we got married against out parents will. Later, things got normal.

After 3 month of marriage, I came to know that she is in relationship with someone else. Initially, she denied it, but after giving all the call records, she got angry, and later, said sorry and promised me to not to do again. I was broken, but somehow I continued this marriage, thinking of giving her one last chance.

Today, after 6 months of marriage, I came to know that she is still in a relationship with that guy.

Lesson Learnt: Cheat me once, shame on you. Cheat me twice, shame on me

EDIT : Thnx Quorans for your suggestions, bashing. For those who are asking wat I am going to do? Yes Its tough to call off a 6 month old love-cum-arrange marriage . But Right now I am packing my books , clothes and moving with my friend in Noida. I need some time to start my life afresh.

Do you regret your marriage (Story 2)

Yes.. I do..

It was an arrange marriage.

I was married to a person( IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore graduate)who too used to take away all my earnings, would beat me if I didn’t listen and act according to his parents and him, forced me to cook elaborate meals from the 4th day of delivery of my baby and would share each and every detail of our talks with his parents and divorced brother, and finally would forever be on phone reading or texting girls.

I would say that he did improve for a short while but then his parents and brother would not let him to. There was no TV or newspapers subscribed or maid allowed or even any furniture other than bed in the house I stayed in Mumbai with him for more than a year.!

He would never gift anything to our baby,not even lactogen cause his dad told him not to.! He would enquire his parents if I wanted to buy a bigger vessel for boiling milk. He would not talk to me cause his parents told him not to talk to me or have any relations with me. It was painful, worst he never realised that going on the footsteps of his divorced brother he lost his own family.

Hence, now I m independent. I can buy my pack of chips or gifts for parents and son on my own. It feels so so much better.

I do feel lonely at times, when my other friends talk about their equal halves** or in trying a new restaurant or discussing new ideas or for my son, but all in all I m Happy.!! Grateful that I and my son have saved.!!

Edit 1:

Thank you friends for such an overwhelming love and support.

Edit 2:

Dear friends, few think that it’s a made up story that is the reason why I did not go anonymous.!!

Well, I think that being anonymous or visible hardly makes a difference to my past. I stood up to something I believed in. My being anonymous won’t make it more true or being anonymous make it a fake story. I, my son and my parents have faced it all and still facing the consequences of standing up against such people.

Thank you for reading it and supporting me.!!

Edit 3:

Well, they wanted my father to gift them a flat in their name after my father paid for his travel, laptop and car. The problem started when the car they demanded was gifted in my name.

Even after it all, the guy wanted us to stay. But his parents warned him to demand money or else they will separate him from his family property etc.

I refused. They stopped talking and started harassing, abusing and beating me, to the extent that I had to call police twice. Finally had to leave with my son.

Their elder daughter in law left under exactly similar circumstances, 5years back, 3yrs before my marriage. But my parents were falsely told that they are together. My parents regret about it till this day.

I waited for him for a year. He never msgd or showed any interest in talking to me or seeing our child. Then he msgd, emailed, SMS and watsapp that he wanted to see our baby and I should return to my matrimonial house. Later, we understood that they were looking for some legal action. So now on those lines.

Edit 4:

In a recent meeting between family relatives, he says he wants to stay with me if only I distance myself from parents and stay with him on his terms, which I could not agree to.

Credit goes to: Divya Jain

Do you regret your marriage (Story 3)

Yes I regret marrying this worthless man.

My story-

I was forced to continue my pregnancy when I requested them (in-laws and husband) that I am not mentally and physically prepared to bear a child. But they assured me that they will take all the responsibilities and everything else.

Assured and trusting them I continued my pregnancy and went to my place of posting which is almost 500km away. After that, my husband never called me to ask about my health, my condition neither did my in-laws. Whenever I asked them to come and visit me they gave lame excuses to avoid coming over.( One such excuse is- my son cannot eat from hotel, we cannot come.)

Anyway, I gave birth to a beautiful girl who is 1.3 years old now. In the meantime our relationship has just gone bad. My in-laws and my husband never bothers to call me or my parents even to ask about her. They never come to visit us. And whenever I or my parents have asked them to come again the lame excuses are always there.

He can buy gifts for his sister’s daughter, he can buy himself a great phone, he can even have money for keeping a pet but never have enough money to buy a single cloth or toy for his own daughter. On occasions or her birthday he never got his daughter a single gift! How can a father do this?

I regret marrying this man who doesn’t have smallest sense of responsibility or duty to even ask about her when she is sick or I’ll…

I simply don’t understand why. What did she do? What’s her fault?

Credit goes to: Leena Roy

Do you regret your marriage (Story 4)

Yes, I regret my marriage. It was an arrange marriage. I am an ambitious girl from childhood. I did my B-Tech but didn’t start my job as being from a conservative family my parents wanted to get married and then if my in-laws allowed, I can work.

I got married to guy (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering) but working for sales profile in Pune. He used to be very benevolent before marriage but after marriage, there was no relationship among us. He started staying out of town stating office reasons. But he used to bunk office and god knows where he used to go and was fired from job. He started blaming me for him being jobless. I wanted to work, he refused, Gradually he took my phone, not allowing me to talk to my parents, restricted from going out of the flat, stopped talking, stopped coming back home, argument, mental taunts, started talking about me, my parents and relatives. I told all these things to my parents and they suggested me to leave that place and come home. Later my uncle went to take me home.

I didn’t stay much in my parents house, I came to Hyderabad, started working and joined MBA college and now pursing PhD. Now, I am independent, do things as per my wish. Help needy, donate to those who have been abandoned by their family.

Credit goes to: Bijeta Shaw


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