What are some dark sides of life as an IT professional in India?

You should’ve asked about bright sides of a life as IT professional in India, that would’ve been short—- hahahaha!!! dying of laughs (Hasaa hasaaa ke maarega kya… in Hindi.)..

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Well, here’s the list:-

  1. Back ache. You get prematurely aged and can’t even bend to pick up a pen effortlessly.
  2. Baggy Eyes. You develop eye bags and put on heavy glasses. Dryness in eyes is also a very common condition affecting IT professionals (if they genuinely work & not dump their work on the team’s best coder 😉  ).
  3. For the first time you really come face to face with the powers of regionalism and regional language. Visa, ratings, hikes, promotions all are linked to it. It is not always open but yeah a soft corner always remains in your manager’s heart for his/her mother tongue, state; not religion though which is a relief.
  4. You become a prospective candidate for onsite/promotion, the moment you put resignation papers. In fact onsite/promotions are used as a sweet tied to a thread few inches above your head (Jalebi Race in India)- you just keep on hopping & jumping trying to eat it but it remains forever out of reach

5. Salary vanishes within two-three days of its credit into the bank account. Rent, bills, dues eat away the pie and we are left with bread crumbs. The last few days before next month’s salary credit everyone has to go through a cruel test of market- survival of the cheapest (Darwin’s law for young professional economics). Instant noodles, lemon/curd rice, stacked up snacks, biscuits(especially ParleG) are perceived as nectar of immortality.

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6. The better you code, the more it is sent back for reviews. If you give code to clients before deadline, they change their requirements completely. You end up coding again and again.

7.  Rickshaw wallas, cab drivers extort more money out of you once they know you work in IT. “What sir! you work in IT, you’d be making lakhs a month(100,000s per month)”. People, we burn as if acid is thrown on our skin trying to describe that everyone doesn’t earn that much.

8. We all buy Royal Enfield Bullet or a DLSR camera, mostly for showcase purposes to boast around. The bike seems too uneconomical after few weekend trips and the DSLR is used in automatic settings or lies securely in its packing after few weeks when the interest dwindles. Few resort to buying guitar which after some time serves as an interior decor. Not applicable for enthusiasts though, they take pride in owing these and put it to regular and useful use.

9. All real work starts after the evening caffeine break. Mind works only after 5PM. The whole day God knows what we do? Even clients/managers hand down work only when you have to leave early or are about to leave on regular timing. If you’ve a US client, the time difference literally kills. The amount of work done in the last hour before leaving office is no less a Herculean feat.

10. Constantly explaining to your parents, relatives, friends as to why you’ve not gone for any “business trip” (onsite) while a person less intelligent than you in college has been on various trips to exotic countries. “He must not be working well?” is what they infer immediately irrespective of your explanation.

11. Beautiful girls never end up being in your team. I guess the same issue creeps up for ladies. Few end up creeping out girls at a pub/party with their technical jokes a non IT engineer can’t understand.

12. Everyone around you is preparing for GRE, GMAT, CAT, certifications and all you do is watch cat videos on YouTube. How Productive !!

13. When you visit home, it’s mandatory for you to resolve all the issues relating to your relative’s PC, Laptop, Smart phone, Printer, Typewriter, microwave, basically anything which has an LED or digital indicators. UFF!!! for God’s sake don’t embarrass us, we usually don’t have any practical knowledge 😉

14. Appraisal time is no less than a real life Game of Thrones, where you and your manager try all possible ways to gain advantage. The fight comes down to a level where managers fight on numbers of hours clocked, leaves taken.

These are some dark sides of It professional life in India. Yeah you can label them dark humour/romance whatever….


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