What is the most daring thing you have done in your school life?

I Gave A red Rose to The most Beautiful Teacher in School On a Valentine’s Day in front of the whole class!!!!

Ok so just to give a backdrop-

This Happened in year 2002 when I was in class 10th studying in a convent school in Lucknow (UP). I don’t know about students who are studying in school these days but in our times there used be a huge craze of Valentines Day!!!!

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It was said that a girl cannot refuse you if you propose to her on a V day.

So all the hidden “Romeos” and one sided lovers used to wait for this day to get their fortunes tested.

There were very strict instructions by our school Head Mistress (The most dreaded person I have met in life) that no such misadventure to be tried by any of the student.On complaint by any girl against such boy would result into calling his parents to the school,partial rustication and above all a huge embarrassment in front of the whole school.

There was this teacher in our school who was super beautiful,so much so that she was popular by the name of Strawberry!!!

She was the crush of almost all the young boys in the school as she looked somewhat like this..

Just 2 days to Valentines day and every friend of mine was discussing about who to give the Red rose to.Everyone knew that I had a huge crush on Strawberry Mam so they all started forcing me to give the red rose to her.I knew that it would be a suicide but when they dared me beyond the limit I accepted the challenge.

14th Feb 2002 – The D Day Arrives –

I was very nervous though I had brought a full Blossomed red rose with me but was not sure whether would be able to give her or not.

Just after the lunch her period was scheduled with our class. That’s when i decided to go for it. My heart was pounding so fast.Trust me I never felt so nervous in life.

As soon as she came in the class and occupied her chair I stood up.

She asked me – Shyam, What’s the matter why u stood up”??

(I managed to get the attention of the class,all my friends were in utter disbelief that I am actually gonna do this.)

I walked across the few benches to arrive at her and took out the rose which i hid behind the back.

She was stunned at this with no expression on her face at all(I’m sure the whole class had the similar expression).

Those were the longest 2 seconds of my life .

(It was like either Im Gonna get badly screwed or will become the hero in front of the whole school)

Suddenly her cheek turned RED ,she Smiled widely and said –”Oh Thank You Shyam!!! That’s so sweet of you”!!!!

Suddenly I heard the whole class started clapping!! (Yess this actually happened)

I went back to my seat and trust me I was feeling like I just conquered the WORLD!!!!

And No points for guessing I became quite popular in the school after this act of mine as the news spread in the whole school like a fire in the jungle !!!!!


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  1. For those who are asking what happened next- No guys,sorry to disappoint but we are not happily married. In fact she was already married when all this happened.But after that I became one of her favorite students and maintained a healthy student teacher relationship.
  2. Few people commented that they didn’t find this act daring and suggested that they did it quite often in their school lives. I would just like to say that Dare is a very subjective term.Some task may be very daring for me but for others it could be something very normal and mundane.Happy to find out that so many people here used to give red roses to their teachers whenever they wanted.. 🙂

Credit goes to: Shyam Pandey

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