What is the craziest story you heard in IIT Kanpur?

Craziest story you heard in IIT Kanpur

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This incident happened with me in Summers in IIT Kanpur in which i stayed back to clear my backlogs. Go on guys, give it a read.

I am not one of the smart folks here at IIT-K. Academics was never my cup of tea. I was always struggling through my courses and my academic performance was never up to the mark. Life was hell and I was feeling depressed in my first year. It was constantly bothering me what are my parents, relatives and friends are going to think if I failed here. I was never going to get a job when I get out of this place. Then came those Haunting Exams.

I was at the 2nd Floor at PK Kelkar Library and was sitting in the corner most area, at the end of all the book shelves mugging up for the summer mid-term. I was going through my notes again and again but I was not able to make sense out of it. I was constantly blaming my parents for putting me in this rat race and was literally crying from inside. I was begging from God please get me a passing grade in this MTH course somehow.

I just put my books & laptops aside and decided to take a nap laying my head on the table. All sorts of bad thoughts were coming in my head that time

Then Suddenly, I realized there was something written on the table. It was kind of a wake up call for me. There was something engraved on the table and I paid a little closer attention to it. It was written;

Are you worried?I too was. 🙂 I was depressed too in the whole 3rd Year. Then I left each worry of my life. I went with books. They are really your best friend. They tell you about facts of life without experiencing them. They make you wise, never cheat on you, make you independent, always there for you. So stop worrying. Try and find your passion. Convert your thoughts into action.I wish you happy life.

And you know that’s what I did, I just stopped worrying. This piece of advice did work for me. It just felt good to me somehow that i was not alone in all this. Many people have felt the same way like I did, walked through those same paths and if they are fine I will be too. I just have to play it to my strengths and choose my courses accordingly.

After that there were two “Thank You” written over there (Possibly who have read it before me). I could not stop myself and went on to write the third “Thank You”. Here is a picture of that engraved quote on table. Its still there in the Library.

I realized that I was just making a big deal of my situation and instead of facing it, I was trying to blame it on others for my adversity. Things never work out the way you suppose them to, but you can’t just sit idle and do nothing about it. I had to make a stand for myself.

The world doesn’t care.

I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I had to stop thinking what others had a notion about me. It didn’t matter.

We all face obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles defines who you are and determines how successful you are in life.

I stopped looking for external motivation. This time I was not letting myself procrastinate. I decided, I am not leaving this until I make some sort of progress. I stopped listening to the noise of other’s discouraging opinions drown out my own inner voice. I had to make myself feel good. At first it felt a little forced, but eventually i got myself in groove. I completed all the assignments, mugged up the solutions in which i was not able to understand. Yes I just wanted to get out of that dig hole some how.

I finally got a B grade in the course and hell yeah I was elated with that result . Ahhh, It was such a relief. Nailed it!!!

I don’t know what happened but reading those lines in the library that day, just gave me a little inspiration,some sort of push over i guess to get these things done which does not matter to me once I get out of here. These Grades don’t define me and somehow I believe everything happens for a reason, there has to be. There is something good that you can take out of these moments too. Being Optimistic is I think is really important in life. You have to keep learning, be positive about your self, keep climbing those mountains and after one day when you will reach the very top, the view is going to be beautiful. I repeat, really beautiful. Believe me.

I have a word of advice for others:

We all have things to do that we really just don’t want to do, but have to for some reason. These are the toughest to find motivation for.For these especially difficult situations, we have to focus on simply getting past it. Imagine the relief of not having this thing on your plate anymore. How will that make you feel? Do it now and move on to stuff you really want to do.

At the end of the day, these little failures & bad days are going to be the best memories of life. So, just embrace the challenge.

Its going to be Legen… Wait for it… Dary

LEGENDARY!!!! (Can’t help it, Big Fan)

Period. End of story.

Credit goes to: Anonymous

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