I Chose Her And She Chose Her Family

*I Chose Her And She Chose Her Family*

The feeling was much more than pain, I read her message “We cant go on, we will have to end this here”

I could imagine hearing her chocked voice while reading it. She hinted at a break up. Her sadness was evident in the one line message she sent.

Every word poked me like a fine needle. A needle so sharp that it pierced through my skin. I was bleeding inside.

My eyes had turned moist, it was tough to control myself. I didn’t want them to gush down and break me even more. I tried hard but she had taken a decision, in her mind is was done for us.

Every special moment I spent with her played in order in front of my closed eyes.

Those weekends that we spent together. She had this unique way of always holding my hand very firmly leaving absolute no space for the slightest of air to pass by.

That would always make me feel secured. I believed that she was holding it never to leave. I was wrong.

Many movies we watched together, good and bad ones. Those that made us laugh and those that made us feel even more romantic looking at the on screen romance. We behaved like kids when it came to playing games and adults when we discussed our future. It looked so perfect.

Those late night chats, those love messages we exhanged those conversations when I expressed what she meant to me. Those moments when we were there for each other when we just wanted each other. Those special moments when silence spoke.

Our shopping dates, and the satisfaction we felt selecting clothes for one another was incomparable. We knew each others choices. We knew our strengths and our weakness even better.

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I couldn’t break her emotionally, she had asked me to give up on my dream all I could do is do what she wanted me to do. She had decided not to hurt her family. She chose to hurt me, but she was the only relation I chose over the others which were given to me, by almighty.

I replied “I want to see you happy”
She replied “I love you”

Its been 6 months, since the last message. Her name didnt appear on my mobile screen thereafter.

I am sitting on the same beach we once walked together, in deep thoughts gazing into the sky full of stars and tears just rolled down.

Article by : Varushka Chettiar

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