Chinese Couple Sells 18-Month-Old Daughter Online For Rs 2.28 Lakhs To Buy An iPhone!

Owning an iPhone is expensive and of course, not everybody can afford it. But some people are willing to cross the threshold into insanity, because iPhone!

And a Chinese couple did just that. The 19-year-old parents to an 18-month-old baby girl decided to put their daughter up for sale online, just so that they could afford an iPhone and a bike.

According to People’s Daily Online, the parents put out an ad on social media network QQ, with a 23,000 Yuan (Rs. 2.38 lakhs) price tag on their daughter. And what’s worse is that a buyer actually got in touch with the father.

‘A Duan’ and ‘Xiao Mei’ (names changed) saw their unwanted pregnancy to the end and soon realized that their daughter was nothing more than a “financial burden”. While Xiao worked several jobs to make ends meet, Duan spent his time at internet cafes.

The buyer who bought the baby for his sister still has her in his possession. The authorities are in the process of tracking him down. They have also awarded a three-year jail term to Duan while Xiao has been handed a suspended sentence for two-and-a-half years.


According to reports by the Chinese media, nearly 200,000 babies are kidnapped and openly sold online, every year.

Article By : Anjali Bisaria

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