How can I shut people up cleverly without damaging my relationship with them?

I am 20 years old,  I’m the object of fun in my friend circle , every act of mine amounts to being joked at, or sometimes being insulted, I can’t respond at that time and waste my time thinking about it,  I want my friends to stay,  but I want this stop as well.

Here is the Answer : 

We had this guy in our college who used to be the ‘center of fun’ always.  People used to make jokes about him both in his presence and absence. That guy used to smile at us always. I asked him once, if all this, doesn’t hurt him in any way. Because he never used to complain nor seemed to feel bad. This was his answer:

“I don’t have my father right from my 4th class. My mother is a maid and I have 2 little sisters. We had to go through lot of pain. I struggled so hard to achieve this.Things weren’t easy for me. But I some how managed to study in one of the top colleges in Hyderabad. These jokes you make of me, are just like a tiny drop in a large ocean of sorrow. They don’t bother me. I have more important things to do in my life. Sometimes , actually, I feel proud because I make all of you happy, I make you laugh, I bring out all the humour in you. Life is something more than this.”

4 years passed and he is now working in a well reputed company in Germany with almost 7-8 times our salary!!

Things change, they will not be the same always. Everything happens for a reason and people who criticize you this way, are actually guiding/helping you to change yourself into a better person. I know its really hard to take all the weird comments or insults. I know how it feels when you really want to punch the man standing in front of you, but you cannot! If you really can’t take the insults just tell them to back off or if you really feel you can change something in you, do it! Comments like these are good, at least, for your age.They help you to change yourself and when you can help yourself to change instead of just going down always, one day you will stand in such a position when your friends will see you in Facebook or some where and be like!

And, this is called “Success is the best revenge”.

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