How can i earn 25 lakhs per annum in the next 10 years. What should I do?

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Earn 25 lakhs per annum

I started with 1.68lpa, despite graduating from an IIT *:)*,  about 11 years back. Now, I make USD10k( ~7lac/month) per month in India.

This is what I did

> Took hard decision. 90% of the people will not dare to take unconventional decisions

> Chalked out a plan about how I can excel in programming

> Executed my plan with utmost sincerity

> Worked my ass off

When I joined my first employer, I did not respect software development. In fact, I did not know what programming was. Everybody I knew was in a hurry to get into management. Like everybody else, I also wanted to chuck coding to become a manager. Wrote CAT multiple times. Scored a decent 98.5percentile once. Applied only to IIM A, B, and C. So, no luck. Decided to write GMAT. Scored a 730. Applied to all top notch B-schools. One question that made me think was

“What matters to you the most and why?”

I am still trying to find an answer to this question. If you apply to GSB Stanford, you will need to write an answer to this question.

Received selective feedback from Tuck school of Business, Dartmouth. I was encouraged to apply again. Since I wrote all my MBA application myself without any help, I realised that there was nothing I was reasonably good at. I wanted to be good something. So, I decided to find what I would love to do for the next 40 years.

Quit my job. I was being paid quite well by this time. Read a lot of books. Decided to take on programming. I was ashamed of myself that it had been six years since I graduated, but I could not call myself a good programmer.

It has been six years since I started learning to code. I work on super interesting algorithmic problems. Companies have started to take notice of my work. Google, Tower Research, and Amazon have invited to interview at any point in future. So, it is literally in my hand to decide when do I want to take interviews with them.

Somebody wise once told me that If you become exceptional at anything, you will make a fortune. I totally believe in it now.

I would suggest you to find something you can keep doing with a smile over the rest out your life. Do not make money your end goal. Do not judge a job by how much it will pay you. Do what you love.

Don’t get swayed away by what other people are doing. My batchmates have figured out their name in Forbes 30 under 30. Some are paid incredibly well. I adore them. I do not want to become like them. I do not want to do what they are doing. Discover yourself.

Have a plan. Work towards a goal.

You should have a clear answer to

“What matters to you the most and why?” , and

“How far will you go to realise you dreams?”


Let me elaborate my plan:

> I read a lot about industry trends and research

> I figured out what would be hottest skill in the years to come

> I did a lot of mathematics

> I invested heavily into learning theoretical computer science

> I worked tirelessly to learn complicated algorithms related to graphs, trees, number theory, algebra etc. I learned maths behind everything e.g. I went through Diestel’s book on graph theory, which presents a pure mathematical perspective on graphs.

> I worked so hard that I slept 24-30 hours in a week

> I worked for nothing on some projects. But, the intensity of my efforts was not less in those projects. I worked straight 48hours to meet timelines.

> I invested heavily on books. These are some of the books that I bought during the last three years:

There are more shelves full of books. And, I have a kindle too :P. I did not hesitate to buy a book even if it cost me 20k. I invested my savings on these books. I was not earning like I do now. So, don’t hesitate to buy a book. Even if you end up reading one chapter, it will increase your knowledge.

> I have to read many technical papers to finish a project. Since I have read a lot, I can understand these papers

A typical expression that I encounter during my work often. BTW, this expression is related to automata theory. If you understand theory of computation, you will understand the notation and meaning different symbols carry. You will find such expressions in Natural Language Processing Algorithms.

PS: I have not written this answer to prove a point. I am not trying to say that I am better than anybody. I have shared my journey so that more people understand the need to discover themselves.

My post is not about programming, it is about finding a true meaning in what we do for a living. We should enjoy every moment we work. We should be proud of what we are. We should not be defined by how much do we earn.

I could have shared my identity. I don’t want undue attention. I want people to take the message. That’s it.


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