What was the biggest face palm moment of your life?

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Biggest face palm moment

Congratulating a broken up couple! Biggest face palm moment!

Two of my college friends were in a relationship from the past 5–6 years. We all were aware that they were going to get married soon.

One fine day, the girl posted a picture of her wedding with the groom whose face was not completely visible on Facebook. Something like this.

Turned out that she didn’t get married to her boyfriend for certain reasons and married someone else without informing her college friends about it.

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Unfortunately, she didn’t tag her then husband. Now, my friends assumed that she has married her boyfriend (who was also our friend) and started congratulating the couple by tagging both of them (the girl and her ex-boyfriend). Few went even further by commenting that the girl and her ex-boyfriend make a wonderful couple!

Not surprising, the girl is no longer on Facebook! 😀

Picture courtesy: google

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