What is the best mystery of Indian temples until now?

best mystery of Indian temples

The Linearity of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Kanchipuram Ekambareshwar temple & Sri Kalahasthi temple.

Recently one of my colleagues claimed that these 3 temples lie in a straight line. To find out, I marked their longitudes in Google maps & Guess what !

Yes, they lie in the same longitude. i.e, Exactly 79deg 42 min East

So what’s special about these 3 temples ? These are 3 out of the 5 temples that are clubbed together and called as Pancha boota Stalam ( Denoting 5 forms of Shiva – Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Space )

  1. Sri Kalahastheeswara – Vayu Lingam – Air
  2. Ekambareshwarar – Prithivi Lingam – Earth
  3. Thillai Nataraja – Aagaya Lingam – Space

One more interesting observation,

Are there any other temples that lie in a same longitude ? Yes, I found two of them.

  1. Virudhagireeshwar Temple, Vriddhachalam
  2. Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram

Both are termed as the Punniya stalam ( Where they dip themselves in a waterbody to wash away their sins )

How did the architects designed the straightness of these temple gopuras that are more than 1000 years old and 500–600 Kms away ?

What technology did they have to mark the longitudes ?

Did they have a mapping system ?

Why didn’t the temples deviate from the alignment, during any natural events like the tectonic plate shifting or the Tsunami ?

What is the significance behind all this ?

Nobody knows..

Edit 1 –

Thank you all for the amazing response. This is just an interesting observation, and an attempt to decode a pattern that existed for more than thousands of years ! This pattern may or may not hold any significance ( until we prove anything 🙂 ).

To clarify on linearity, I’m posting the co-ordinates here :

  1. Sri Kalahastheeswara Temple – 13°44′58″N 79°41′54″E
  2. Ekambareshwarar Temple – 12°50′51″N 79°42′00″E
  3. Thillai Nataraja Temple – 11°23′58″N 79°41′36″E

P.S – Even if it is a coincidence, it is worthy enough to notice right ?

Edit 2 –

Thanks again for the unexpected response ! To clarify a few more answers, here is an addition.

All the three deities (Lingams)were worshiped from around 600AD, which was later enshrined in Temple structures by Chola kings ( Kulothunga Chola I, II ) during 11th & 12th century.

Also I continue to see people claiming coincidence. Even, then it has to fall under third degree of coincidence.

  • All are Shiva temples
  • All lie in same Longitude
  • All are Panchaboota Stalam

I wouldn’t call it a coincidence.

And here are the Missing Co-ordinates :

  1. Virudhagireeshwar Temple – 11.30°N 79.20°E
  2. Ramanathaswamy Temple – 9.288106°N 79.317282°E

Credit goes to: LakshmiNarayanan-Venkatesan

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