What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

 What is the best advice your mother ever gave you (Story 1)

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<Conversation happened in Tamil, in car – I was driving  . On our way to home after shopping around 8 30 PM Saturday.>

Maa : So she is from Pune ?
Me : Nope, from Indore maa!


Me: Don’t worry, She already rejected me. And she is thinking about her parents. Also She is leaving tomorrow to Pune. She has got  a transfer.

Maa : Hmmm … !

Me: I feel like seeing her and I’m try convincing her one more time. Can I go and meet her now ?

Maa : Okay . . . Drop me at the near by bus stop . Go meet her … I’ll wait for you.

< Stopped the car and looked her at . All confused . And I was like. . is she really telling me this???? >  Amazed and Amused.

Me : But she asked me not to  come . Not even to Central station tomorrow for her send off.

<In a polite way >

Maa : when a girl says “No” respect it. Understand why she says no. If she wanted, she could have played with you  instead she has given you a reason. And she is strong on it. Respect her !! Love should be mutual.

< Started my car. Reached home>

Next day morning …. she knew was I sad.

Maa :  Maintain your dignity and self respect. It is ok to be rejected.

<And this epic line . . .>

You will get million girls . . .  😛 😉

And as usual she was making fun of me. . . ! We started laughing … 🙂 😀

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you (Story 2)

<Phone Call>

Me: He (manager) is not responding properly. Unable to use my visa efficiently now ,Maa!! . He has preferred my senior to me because my senior is not married yet.

Maa : what?? Go and talk to your HR.

Me : Maa HR, Manager and my supervisor all in same team . big cheats.

Maa:   But this is not fair.

Me : yep, and he told me that I was irritating him. My onsite manager had a talk with him to give me the opportunity. But these offshore cheats are not preferring me.  Maa ! Big world of politics here . . This is the 5th time I’m talking to them.

Maa: See you don’t have to beg them. I did not bring you up like this . Be brave and quit your job right now.

<Again all confused and amazed by her talk >

Within next 5 minutes I submitted my resignation.

Now serving my notice period at Cognizant. July 29th is last date . No other opportunities in hand.   Not sure what’s gonna happen. But happy though.  🙂

Maa !!
She is always the best. A very good friend of mine.

Credit goes to: Quora.com

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