Bengaluru Police Now Accepts Complaints On WhatsApp

Bengaluru’s cops will now accept complaints on WhatsApp and SMS, to make policing easy for residents. Citizens can register their complaints at +91-9480801000 through a WhatsApp message or SMS to this number and police will follow up.

Bengaluru crime branch’s DCP tweeted the announcement.

Bengaluru Police Now Accepts Complaints On WhatsApp


The city police have a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter account that spreads awareness among users and help them register queries. The traffic police also have a website for citizens where they can report traffic violations. An android app for the same is also available.

Bengaluru police have been taking a number of steps to use technology to help the citizens. They have recently tied up with an IT firm to develop an app which will allow users to curb the high fares charged by the auto drivers. In that app, the user can see the estimated fare, send an SOS message, scan the onboard QR code and register a complaint against the auto. They also started using live streaming tool Periscope toask citizens to report crime.

Other police departments are also using technology to make cities better. Delhi police have a Twitter account. They also have apps for women safety and traffic reporting. Mumbai police, whose Twitter account is much lauded has recently tied up with Uberto install alco-booth at Mumbai bars and pubs to reduce drunk driving.

Article By : Ivan Mehta

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