How do I become mentally strong?

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How do I become mentally strong

10 Things I Always Keep In Mind To Become Mentally Stronger:

  1. Try to accept the fact that no one cares.
  2. People come into your life because they need you and they’ll leave you eventually.
  3. Your life totally depends on your activities and your decisions.
  4. Death will come to everyone. Sooner or later.
  5. Failures are necessary. The difference between a master and a novice is that the master has failed more than the novice has even tried.
  6. You don’t love your crush. It is the evolution fooling you for a better gene mix up and better kind of species.
  7. It’s never too late to start, but Always too early to give up.
  8. No one is born great, they groom themselves to become one.
  9. If you don’t love the person you see in the mirror, you are responsible for that.
  10. Life is not like what you see on Instagram.

Credits: Rafiul Alam

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