Who is the most beautiful Indian woman who is not a celebrity?

most beautiful Indian woman

Who says celebrities are beautiful? They might be attractive,but beauty can nowhere be compared to the level of attractiveness. So who is beautiful?

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1.Your Mother
Your Mother is beautiful because she raised a beautiful soul like you.She is beautiful because she was the one who spent endless nights just to ensure you slept well.She is beautiful because seeing you happy makes her happy.A mother’s beauty is thus deeper and enduring.

2.Your Sister
She’s the one who troubles you the most but also sides with you when you are wrong, laughs when you fall but also teach you life lessons! So what really makes your sister beautiful is that You can kid the world,but not your sister.

Lastly, There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way just to make somebody else feel so beautiful.SO DON’T FORGET TO BE BEAUTIFUL TODAY!

Courtesy citation: Quora

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