What do American girls like about Indian guys?

Do American girls like about Indian guys

This question has been Answered by an American girl (Sarah Smith)

As an American girl who is dating an Indian guy, I will tell you the things I most admire about him that are hard to find in an American guy. First I loved his compassion, he sees orphans and homeless as people who need our help, rather than a problem. I also love his willingness to learn. This probably comes from a rigorous education background, but he is always researching something and is always able to teach me something new. My boyfriend’s respect and love for his family is also something I greatly admire. We live in America, but he is always calling his family to talk for hours at a time, they are definitely not something he takes for granted. He has such a holistic view of life that is more relational than materialistic. Lastly, I love how much he loves me. He is always looking out for me and my well-being whether that be him asking me if I ate today, or if he gives me a massage after work.
Overall my Indian boyfriend is someone who loves me and cares for me more than I ever thought I would have in a partner. I hope this helps!

Credit goes to: Sarah Smith

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