What are some amazing facts about Apple?

Here are some amazing facts about Apple

  • Jony Ive’s t-shirt

Jonathan Ive has worn what appears to be the same G-Star T-Shirt in every Apple product introduction video since 2000.

  • Apple has more than 92,000 employees

Tim Cook has approximately 92,600 people working for him. And the number is growing rapidly: Apple has doubled in size in the last four years, and only had 14,000 employees before the launch of the iPhone.

  • Apple has twice as much cash as the US Treasury

Apple has twice as much operating cash as the US Treasury.

  • The time on iPhone photos is the time it was announced

If you look at the iPhone photographs in Apple adverts the time is always set to 9:41. This is the time Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.

  • It was nearly the Philips iPod

The creator of the iPod, Tony Fadell, offered the device to Philips and Real Networks first. They both turned it down, claiming they couldn’t really see a future in it.

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  • It’s called Apple because Steve Jobs loved the fruit
  • Apple has a team of carpenters ready to build walls around employee’s desks

Apple employees often know when a team is working on something new, because a team of carpenters moves into the office and builds walls around their desk.Walls are quickly erected with security doors and transparent windows are frosted. The employee carries on as before in a secure enclosure.

  • Lisa landfill

Around 2,700 of Apple’s Lisa computers are buried in a landfill in Utah, after the product failed to be successful when it launched in 1983.

  • Upside-down Apple

For many years, Apple’s laptops had the glowing Apple logo upside down while in use, but the logo was flipped in the 1990’s, apparently so that it would look better in Hollywood movies (some filmmakers would even put Apple stickers on the laptops to make the logo appear the right way up).Originally, Apple thought that the Apple logo should be facing the right way when the user went to open the laptop, because otherwise people would attempt to open it from the wrong side.

  • Apple’s earnings

In the first quarter of 2014, Apple earned more than Google, Facebook and Amazon combined.

  • Apple’s cash

Apple has so much spare cash (around $150 billion), it could buy Facebook. Alternatively, it could buy Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Dropbox, Pandora and Spotify. Yes, all of them.It won’t, of course. Instead, Apple has kicked off a stock buyback program.

  • Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the first and currently only openly gay person in the Fortune 500.

  • Apple I

The Apple I first sold for $666.66, but it has not for satanic reasons. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that it was simply because he liked repeating numbers, and when the price worked out at $667 he changed it to $666.66 because it was “easier to write”.

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