Why do Afghans love Indians?

Recently I was traveling in Denmark and Sweden. When I arrived in Copenhagen, on the first morning I visited one bicycle shop just to ask for direction, but the owner of the shop after giving me direction asked me, ‘Where you come from?’. When I explained him that I am an Indian but now living in UK, he immediately replied in Hindi. He started speaking fluent Hindi and he told me that he learned this by watching Bollywood Movies. He was a big fan of Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol, etc. Now after Afghan war he is living in Copenhagen since past 14 years.

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Then the conversation switched to social-political issues and he was fond of India and praised many things about present Indian Gov. He said, ‘Apka PM Modi Afghanistan aaya tha, bahut madad ki hamari’, which translates to, ‘Your prime minister Modi came to Afghanistan and helped us a lot.’ Indian gov. helped Afghanistan with construction of $290-million Salma Dam, which is expected to help Afghanistan capitalise on opportunities that will open up once the Chabahar project (India-Iran project), linking the port in Iran to Central Asia’s road and railway networks completed.

He was not happy with Pakistan and mentioned that Afghans love India – and India-Afghanistan can do very well together.

At the end of conversation when I asked him the daily rent for a bicycle, he said, ‘100 Danish Kronas per day, but for you it’s free.’ I told him that I don’t want for free but he completely refused to take money. He said that I can take this and return on the last day. I wanted to give him my id card/passport as a custody but he took nothing. He said, ‘Aap pe vishwaas hai, jab man aaye tab wapas kar dena’, which translates to, ‘I trust on you and whenever you want to return, do it..’.

This is a bicycle pic that he gave me for free for 5 days and this helped me to enjoy Copenhagen like a local. It shows the love of Afghans for Indians and also shows that human beings are bonded by love and peace.

I am a Hindu by birth and he was a Muslim by birth, but the link of peace and unity brought us together. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this incident on Quora and I will be indebted to this man Khalid and beautiful country Afghanistan for my entire life.

Credit goes to: Chittranjan Dubey

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