Advice to an unmarried girl in her twenties

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Advice to an unmarried girl in her twenties

Answered by Sanhita Agarwal

On one of our long drives to highways, ex-boyfriend asked me where I would like to go on a honeymoon trip and I immediately answered – To Prague 🙂

He appreciated my choice and asked, so from how long you’ve been saving money for that?

Me : What?

He : You must have saved some money for the dreams you wanna live in your future? So where is the money plan for this honeymoon trip and you know it’s not going to be easy for me if only I manage everything ?

I was shocked! I had no words to say, no way to react and I kept looking at his face but he was so sure about what he said that I couldn’t argue.

I came home and thought about it. I mean seriously! It made me feel so weird that my boyfriend wanted me to equally participate in the money that we want to spend in fulfilling our dreams, but then I thought, what’s wrong in that?

We, women, expect EVERYTHING from our boyfriends, husbands that we fail to realize that gender equality doesn’t only apply to rights, it also applies to each and everything that you guys share together.

Honeymoon trip money is just an example, but women in their 20’s must realize that it’s absolutely wrong to expect everything from your partners. Stop living in the dream and face the reality that you should help him in earning money or anything else that improves your lifestyle.

Stop believing that he will manage even if you don’t earn. Make a career plan and execute it. Be independent. See dreams and live with your part of the contribution. He is going to be your soul mate, best friend but not some sponsor!

Start thinking about equality in a broader way!

Credits: Sanhita Agarwal

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