5 things that you should never do in your life

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5 things that you should never do in your life

  1. Don’t give free advice to people unless you are asked to – We think that we help others by offering so much of advice and suggestions. Do you think they find them valuable? Most likely not. The reason is that people already have a thought pattern that is imbibed into them and it is very difficult to break it through your advice in a short span of time. Open your mouth for providing advice only when someone asks you for it.
  2. Don’t leave your parents – One reason that you should not leave your parents alone in their old age is that they never let you away when you were a child. They brought you up in spite of so many problems and pressures in life.
  3. Don’t  discuss your past with everyone – Do you think everyone is going to be moved to help you when you share your past with them? You will make yourself highly vulnerable to be manipulated.
  4. Don’t Spend Hours Surfing On Social Networks – Trust me, this habit will depress you for sure. Always remember that people are putting up their best in the social media leaving their bad and ugly stuff behind. Don’t be depressed when you see that everyone else seem to be happy in their social media posts and that you are the lone sad creep in this world.
  5. Don’t  sit idle any time  – Do you know who plays around an empty mind?, “It is Mr.Devil”. Try to be occupied with some meaningful stuff all the time so that you don’t venture into vulnerable zones.

Credits: lifejottings.org

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