Are people from India black?

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India is like a PINNACLE of Human races. India is extremely diverse in cultures, languages, religions and Yes, RACES.

The Term Black is used globally as a synonym of ‘African’ or ‘African-descent’.

Black people are very less in India, However India has a huge percentage of ‘Dark’ people. You have to know the differences between ‘Black’ and ‘Dark’.

Black is a race, while Dark is a skin tone.

Another thing you have to know: ‘Indian’ is a nationality, not a race.

India consists of three major races (ethno-lingustic groups) which form 99% of its population. They are:

  • Indo-Mongoloid (belongs to Mongoloid)
  • Indo-Aryan (belongs to Caucasoid)
  • Dravidian (Uncertain)

The rest includes Negroid and Australoid races.

The Mongoloids exhibit a typical epicanthic fold in their upper eyelids. They are shorter and stockier compared to other races. Talking about skin tone, they are little darker compared to their other mongoloid counterparts (like Tibetan, Eskimo, Chinese, Korean etc). Their skin tone ranges from extremely fair to little dark with wheatish skin tones here and there. They live in the North-Eastern states of India and in the eastern parts of states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

The Indo-Aryans shortened as Aryans exhibit narrow eyes with defined nose bridge with little European facial bone structure. About skin tone: They vary between fair to dark skin tones. They inhabit the states of Northern, Central, Western and some eastern states of India.

The Dravidians do not belong to any other race and researchers are uncertain about their original mother race. They are usually categorized under Australoid race, but DNA researches have proved their unique identity different from Australoids. Now, about skintone: They range between wheatish to dark and very dark skin tones. They live in the southern states of India.

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Below are some photographs for better understanding… All these people shown below are Indians.

Images Source: Google Images

Indo aryan with fair skin tone.

Indo aryan with wheatish skin tone

Indo-aryan with dark skin tone.

Dravidian with fair skin tone.

Dravidian with wheatish tone.

Dravidian with dark skin tone.

Mongoloid with fair skin tone.

Mongoloid with wheatish skin tone.

Mongoloid with dark skin tone

Negroids (all negroids have black skin tone)

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Below shows the Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands, a scheduled tribe of India.

Australoids (they have very dark skin tone)

Below shows the Munda tribe of eastern India, a scheduled tribe too.

But in present—day India, due to wide predominant mixing of all these races, People with mixed races exist. Eg: Mongoloid-Aryan and Dravido-Aryan who exhibit unique and diverse skin tones. According to the results of recent researches, Nearly 70% of Indians are ‘Mixed’ i.e., having physical traits from two or more races.

A fact one has to note is that, these races are no more considered as “races” but rather as ethno-linguistic groups.

Edit: Readers need to know one more thing, No present-day Indian is pure Dravidian or pure Aryan or pure Mongoloid or even pure INDIAN! Every individual Indian is a mix of various genes from various races. A North Indian from Rajasthan might also have Dravidian genes, while a South Indian from Karnataka might have Aryan genes.

All these people are INDIANS because, ‘Indian’ is not a race, ‘Indian’ is a term that refers to the people living in the Lands of INDIA.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Credits: Bawin

How do I become mentally strong?

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This is the mentally toughest person on earth: David Blaine.

A short excerpt of the death-defying feats he’s pulled off over the years:

  • Holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds.
  • Consuming nothing but water for 44 days.
  • Catching a .22 caliber bullet with a small metal cup in his mouth.

…and, my personal favorite, Blaine standing atop a 100-foot high column for 35 hours with no sleep.

On multiple occasions, David was closer to dying than surviving. His strength to endure these situations is unfathomable. More so, he has the courage to seek them out repeatedly, all because they fuel his ultimate goal: bring magic to the people.

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Here’s what you and I can learn from him:

1. Be curious about enduring things.

When his mother fought cancer without complaint, David saw there’s more to hardship than suffering.

You can learn from it. But you have to wonder what’s on the other side to do that.

2. Hold on to creativity for dear life.

David went to Central Booking, the Manhattan municipal jail, for jumping a turnstile once. To avoid getting his ass kicked by the four buffest guys in the cell, he used the only thing he had left: his creativity. Eventually, he won the whole block over with his magic and got out.

Hold on to your creativity as if your life depended on it. Some day it might.

3. Have nothing to lose.

David’s mother died in his arms. It almost broke him, but it left him with nothing to lose and everything to gain. We all have things we’re afraid will be taken away some day.

The only way to not let that stop you is to let go before you lose them.

4. Fast.

One of David’s favorite books is Siddartha by Hermann Hesse. When Siddartha practices living in poverty, a merchant asks him what he can give if he has no possessions. To that, Siddartha says:

“I can think, I can wait, I can fast. If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do.”

Hunger is the most elementary test of human existence. Take it.

5. Train remaining calm in extreme situations.

Navy SEALs are made comfortable with blacking out under water by having to walk across the bottom of a pool while strapped to 45 pound plates. David held his breath while hanging around sharks so he would know what it feels like to perform under stress.

Don’t just practice hard, practice under the hardest conditions.

6. Expose yourself to your worst fears.

Extreme doesn’t always mean dangerous. Blaine was afraid of cockroaches. Yes, bugs. One night, he slept in a little tent in Botswana, which was circled by one and a half ton hippos. Suddenly, the bugs became his friends.

When your brain gets close to the breaking point, it’ll throw your worst fears at you. You have to know they’re not real when the time comes.

7. Learn to override your brain.

Not succumbing to your brain’s irrational illusions is just one half of winning the battle. Once you do, you’ll still have to get it to follow you in the right direction.

David likes to trick his mind with numbers. On his 44-day fast, he created a superstition that once he’d get to 22 days, he’d be fine. After getting half, he focused on the next 11 days, and so on.

Pretend arbitrary milestones mean everything and maybe, one day, you’ll master your brain.

8. When you know you’re going to fail, go on.

At the halfway mark during his second world record breath holding attempt, David said he was “100% certain that I was not gonna be able to make this.”

But he figured since Oprah had dedicated an hour to the live TV special, he’d be better off fighting until he blacks out.

After 10 minutes, the blood started rushing away from his extremities to protect his vital organs.

At 12 minutes, his left arm went numb, and he started panicking about having a heart attack.

At 15 minutes, he went into heart ischemia, with his pulse jumping from 150 to 40 and back.

16 minutes in, David is just waiting to have a heart attack. He floats to the top of the bubble, waiting. Seconds float by, feeling like years.

When the doctors pull him out of the water at 17 minutes and 4 seconds, David Blaine has held his breath longer than any human in history.

All because when he had already failed, he kept going anyway.

Most of us don’t have to risk dying to push our mission forward. But it’s the kind of magic worth emulating.

Take these lessons. Carry them with you. Within yourself. Turn them into a system. Whatever it takes to close the gap between your present state and your true potential.

Hopefully, one day, you can live at the edge.

We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. – David Blaine

Credits: Niklas Göke

14 Inspiring Stories Of Karna You Should Read If You Think Life Has Been Unfair

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Had a bad day recently? You have that nagging feeling that fate has not been fair to you, and everything you do, however earnestly always fails.

Before you give up and spend the days dejected, spend a few minutes reading about Karna and how life played a cruel game with him. Not because you take comfort in knowing that someone has had it much worse than you, but because someone had it much worse than you and he still had a respectable life.

So respectable, that people still respect him today.

Read on.

1. Karna was literally abandoned by his own mother

Image source

Kunti, the princess was given a boon by sage Durvasa that she could invoke a mantra and call any god and have a child. While still unmarried, she called Surya (sun god) and Karna was born.

Kunti, was ashamed of this “bastard” and didn’t know how to explain the birth. So she put the child in a basket on a river.


2. He was refused the knowledge of warfare, because he was a charioteer’s son

Image source

Karna was brought up by a charioteer, a class much lower than the mighty Kshatriyas. But in his blood, he was a warrior.

He went to Dronacharya to learn warfare, but Drona rejected his proposal, because he was not a Kshatriya.


3. Undaunted with a thirst for learning, he disguised himself as a brahmin to learn

Image source

He disguised himself as a brahmin to learn warfare from Parshurama. And learned everything there is to learn about warfare. Such was his dedication.


4. Parshuram cursed him even though he knew that Karna was a Kshatriya

Image source

We all know the story where Parashurama is resting his head on Karna’s lap and the wasp lands on Karna’s thigh and burrows a hole.

Parshurama knew that Karna was a kshatriya way before this incident. He knew Karna lied about being a brahmin.

And he still cursed Karna. He cursed that Karna would lose all essential knowledge of weapons when he would need them the most.


5. He even outshone Arjun when they finished their training, but was shooed away like a dog by Dronacharya

Image source

After the Pandavas and the Kauravas finish their training, a grand gala was organized where they showed off their awesome skills. Karna made his way to this gala, and did feats that leave all the Pandavas and Kauravas embarrassed. He outshone each of them.

Then he is shooed away from the place by Drona for not being a Kshatriya – again. Drona also accused Karna of adharma, because he thought that Karna stole all the military knowledge because he is not entitled to it.


6. He won Draupadi’s hand in marriage even before Arjuna by hitting the fish’s eye but again was rejected

Image source

At Draupadi’s Swayamwar, Karna shoots the fish before Arjuna. But is rejected outrightly in front of everyone by Draupadi.

She proclaimed in front of the whole crowd that she would never marry a Suta (the lowly caste).

Karna accepted this and walked away.


7. He was cursed by a brahmin for accidentally killing a cow while practicing archery

Image source

Once when Karna was practicing his archery, he accidentally killed a cow. The cow belonged to a brahmin, who is enraged. He cursed Karna that he will also be killed by an arrow when he is the most helpless.

Karna is killed when he was trying to remove his chariot wheel from the mud.

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8. He helped a small child and was cursed by Mother Earth

Image source

Once, a small girl was carrying a bowl of ghee to her mother and she accidentally spills it on the ground. She was very afraid that her mother would scold her for this. Karna decided to help her by invoking powerful incantations to squeeze ghee out of Earth itself.

This caused great pain to Mother Earth and she cursed Karna, that when he would be the most vulnerable, she would abandon him.

Thus, his chariot wheel could not be taken out of the mud it was stuck in.


9. He was not allowed to fight because Bhishma refused to fight alongside a warrior who was not Kshatriya

Image source

Before the Kurukshetra war started, both camps were supposed to appoint a commander-in-chief and Duryodhan nominated Karna.

Bhishma refused to fight under or along with a warrior who was not a kshatriya.

So Karna was humiliated once again and had to wait until Bhishma fell, so that he could take part in the battle.


10. Karna gave his enchanted armor to a disguised Indra, even when he knew it was dirty trick

Image source

Karna was born with an impenetrable golden armor – a gift from his father – Surya. Indra – Arjuna’s father – knew that this armor would prevent Karna’s death, and so went in a disguise to ask for the armor.

The armor is not an armor that one puts on like clothes. The armor is attached to him and is a bodily part.

He nevertheless ripped out the armor and gave it away as we would rip out a chunk of flesh from our body.


11. Kunti pleaded to Karna to not kill the Pandavas, even if that meant that Karna died.

Image source

When the Kurukshetra war was almost at close, the Pandavas were reeling from the assault by Karna. Karna had defeated every Pandava brother except for Arjuna.

One night after the battle, Kunti approached Karna and appealed to him to not kill any Pandavas. Karna agreed and said that Kunti will have all her 5 sons, and he said this in spite of knowing that Kunti is his mother.

And this is in spite of Kunti knowing that Karna is her son.

She would rather see the five brothers live rather than six.


12. Arjuna’s chariot wheel was stuck in their duel, and Karna paused the fight, respecting the rules

Image source

On the day Arjuna faced off with Karna, the weather was horrible because Indra (god of rain) was in full force to support his son. Arjuna’s chariot wheel was stuck in the mud while fighting Karna and Karna stopped fighting, because it was not fair.

Krishna and Arjuna pulled the chariot wheel free and then the fighting resumed.

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13. Only to be killed in the most wretched fashion

Image source

Then, Karna’s chariot wheel was stuck.

And all the curses followed.

He forgot the incantations to divine weapons.

And Arjuna killed him when he was the most vulnerable.


14. And then, when he was almost dying, he still had something to give…

When he was in the mud, dying, Krishna came forth in a brahmin’s disguise and asked for some alms from Karna.

Karna took a stone from the ground and broke two of his gold teeth and gave it to the brahmin. The brahmin cursed Karna for giving him teeth with saliva on it.

Karna, almost dead, took a bow and arrow and punctured Earth so that there was a spring of water to wash the teeth clean. He offered the clean gold teeth to Krishna.

Krishna was so impressed by Karna, he showed him his Vishwaroop. Thus, Karna becomes only the third mortal to see this vision.

All his life, Karna was ridiculed, shamed and humiliated. Every time. And not just by other characters. He was shamed by fate itself. But he never stopped learning, and never stopped fighting. And he never stopped being a loyal friend to Duryodhana.

And he never refused to stand up for what he believed in – Dharma.

And the most important of all – he never stopped giving. He gave away his most valuable at a request, even though he knew how cruel fate was.

So, if you think you have had a bad day, and life is not going as you want it to, take heart from the story of Karna and face it nonetheless, without fear of failure and without any interruption in learning.

Because at the end of the day, and at the end of time, were you unflinching in the eye of a cruel fate and stayed your path?

Because in real life, fate does seem to be cruel and life unfair.

Weather the storm and live your life in humility, generosity and dignity – just like Karna.


Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

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Great Indians

Narinder Singh Kapany

Without him, these were not possible

  1. Internet
  2. Laser Surgeries
  3. High Speed Communication

He is known as founding fathers of Fibre Optics. He even coined the term Fibre Optics. Born in 1927 in Moga (Punjab, India), he graduated from Agra University and did his Ph.D from Imperial College , London. There for the first time in the world , he demonstrated that light can travel in bent glass fibres. His research paper entitled ‘A Flexible Fiberscope, using Static Scanning’ published in scientific journal Nature in its Jan2,1954 issue, paved the way for instruments such as endoscopes and laser probes. He has published over 100 scientific papers and four books on option electronics. He wrote a highly popular article on Fibre Optics in Scientific American in 1960 whereby he coined the term Fibre Optics. Even today this article constitutes a reference point for the subject. In November 1999, Fortune Magazine published profiles of seven people who have greatly influenced life in Twentieth Century but are unsung heroes. Narinder was one of them.

In 2009, whole Scientific Community was in a shock when Nobel Prize for Physics went to Charles Kao for the discovery of the Fibre Optics. Though Kao has done great work in this field , but his work was only based on the ground breaking research undertaken by Narinder Singh Kapany.

Let’s popularize our unsung hero so that he gets the credit , he deserves.

Credits: Rajesh Jain

What are the top 10 things that really are worth your time?

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Top 10 things that really are worth your time

  1. Hustling – at least 8 hours daily.
    You take charge of your own life and make your dreams come true. You don’t just dream about it – you take massive action as well. When you hustle, you manifest your intangible thoughts into tangible outcomes in the real world. Hustling isn’t about keeping yourself busy. It’s about identifying the tasks with the highest value and executing them ruthlessly. While hustling isn’t a guarantee that you will succeed, failing to do so is a guarantee that you will fail.
  2. Slowing down in the middle of the day – 15 minutes daily.
    Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up with the never-ending hustling. You may forget to stop and smell the roses. Slow down. No, your time won’t be wasted, don’t worry. Your mind needs that short break. Slow down whenever you catch yourself moving too fast. Doing so will reward you with extra energy and creativity.
  3. Exercising – 30 minutes daily.
    You already know how important exercise is, right? It keeps your body in optimal condition, keeps your brain sharp and make you more confident. Make sure you exercise daily no matter how busy you get. You may think about putting off your exercise to another day, but you know what? The day never comes. If you sacrifice health for wealth, someday you’re going to sacrifice your wealth for health.
  4. Sleeping – 6 to 8 hours daily.
    I used to see people taking pride on their lack of sleep. They’re proud of sleeping for 2 hours a night to pursue their dreams. Then, they fell sick after a few days and took double the sleeping time to recover…The media over-glamorizes sleep deprivation. That’s sick, to be honest. Unless you’re genetically gifted to thrive consistently under sleep deprivation, get-enough-sleep. You have audacious goals, and that’s exactly why you must be well rested. Remember, you want to thrive in the long term.
  5. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals – 5 minutes daily.
    It’s easy to lose the big picture when you’re immersed in detailed executions. It’s also easy to miss out the details executions when you’re grasping the big picture. Switching between macro and micro activities is necessary, yet also clouds your mind. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals allow you to refresh your mind about your current situation. It gives you clarity and help you focus on the essential things. I visualize my goals every morning and it has been helpful in everything I do.

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  1. Planning your day – 10 minutes daily.
    This is different from visualizing goals, yet complementary. When you do #3, you set the goals or locate the destination. When you plan your day, you work on the specifics. If your goal is to grow your business into 10x of its current value, you plan your day in a way which propels you towards that goal. A plan should be specific, actionable and measurable. Spend 10 minutes on planning everyday and you’ll experience a productivity boost.
  2. Nurture your relationships – at least 1 hour daily.
    Your family and friends matter. They appear in your life for reasons. Cherish them. Let them know no matter how busy you are, you always have them in mind. I used to neglect them by accident because I was too immersed in my work. My family was missing me but I was working on the other side, like a robot…I’ve shown you my bitter mistake. Try not to repeat it.
  3. Spending time with people you look up to – 1 hour daily.
    There must be someone who is living the kind you life you envision. Spend time with them. This can be done through reaching out to relevant communities, joining a mastermind group or creating your own success cabinet. The thing is, spending time with these people need not be two-way all the time. You can also spend time with them via reading or actively learning from their YouTube videos or webinars. Leverage the best minds for your own growth.
  4. Enjoying your hobby- 30 minutes daily.
    Can be gardening, writing, listening to music. Basically anything. The time purposefully spent isn’t time wasted.
  5. Meditation – 10 minutes daily.
    I used to think that meditation is a passive and pointless action. “Why sit still without doing anything while the time is ticking? Come on, I have more important things to work on!” How naive I was. After a few meditation practices, I get a little taste of its true power. Meditation trains your mind to stay in the present moment. You’ll have much better focus and calmness throughout the day, not to mention the ineffable bliss when your mind is in a complete still state. Meditation – powerful stuff. I’m still an amateur at this, and I’ll definitely invest time in it.
  6. Reflection before going to bed – 10 minutes daily.
    No matter how well you’ve done anything, there’s always room for improvement. Reflect about the things you’ve done and think about how you can do better the next time. Just do that while laying, right before you sleep. You don’t necessarily learn things from every reflection. But the more you reflect, the better you will understand about yourself and the better person you will be come in the long run.

Thank you for reading. Together we improve. 🙂

Credits: Dylan Woon

What are the best daily routines of highly productive people?

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Daily routines of highly productive people

First of all, let us see who are the highly successful people?

1.Bill Gates

2. JK Rowling

3.Barack Obama

4. Sundar pichai

5.Richard branson

6. Elon musk

And many more but you get the gist ,right?

So now that we have established as to who are the likes of highly successful people, let us see what common habits they have and can we expect to be highly successful ourselves if we follow those habits.

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    Highly successful people read an enormous amount of information. It is by far the most common habit of almost every successful person there is. They make it a point to read in spite of their busy schedule.What are the benefits of reading you ask ??
    -Mental Stimulation
    -Stress Reduction
    -Memory Improvement
    -Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills
    -Improved Focus and Concentration

    – When Warren buffet(Net worth US$76.1 BILLION ) was once asked about the key to success, he pointed to a stack of nearby books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it”

    Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year!

    Mark Cuban reads more than 3 hours everyday.

    Elon Musk(Founder Space X, Tesla, PayPal) is an avid reader and when asked how he learned to build rockets, he said: “I read books”.

    Mark Zuckerberg resolved to read a book every 2 weeks.


    The highly successful people know that exercise is the key to mentally and physically pushing themselves further. Numerous studies have found exercise to be one of the most important habits you can develop to transform your life.
    Working out can make you healthier, happier, and better able to sleep.
    It can boost your memory, concentration, and mental sharpness.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg works out three times a week.
    President Barack Obama sweats it out 45 minutes a day, six days a week.
    Apple CEO Tim Cook is in the gym at 5 a.m. every morning.

    One thing we must understand that these are incredibly busy people,
    “If they make time to exercise, it must be important.”


    You cannot argue the fact that majority (maybe all) of highly successful people wake up early and start their day with a morning ritual. Waking early gives them enough time to plan their day ahead and do some very important task first thing in the morning, so that they can start the day on a strong note.
    In a poll of 20 executives, 90% said they wake up before 6 a.m. on weekdays.
    Twitter Founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey is up at 5:30 to jog 6 miles every morning.
    PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, for example, wakes up at 4 a.m. and is in the office no later than 7 a.m.
    Disney CEO Bob Iger gets up at 4:30 to read.


  • INVEST IN Them
    Successful people know that the only way they are going to surge ahead and do something wonderful is by Investing their time,resources,stamina,will power,and skills in themselves.
    They Network, educate them self,Learn new skills, invest in relationships, and take care of their physical and mental health.
    This means saying no to many things which does not add up to the productivity.
    They work for themselves by themselves on themselves.~~Cultivate these habits and see yourself in the next list of highly successful people ~~!!!

Credits: Mayank

What are some of the best examples of “beauty with brains”?

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This woman:

Is she beautiful? Hell yes!

Educational Qualifications:

  • Pursued her Masters in EE from Santa Clara University. Conferred with Summa Cum Laude, an Academic Award for highest CGPA
  • While vying to pursue MBA, she has bagged the seats from top 4 colleges in the world namely Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg and Stanford, a dream come true for any MBA aspirant .
  • She pursued her MBA from Stanford.

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What is she doing currently?:

  • She has been serving as an Executive Director of Heritage Foods, one of the largest private sector dairy enterprises in Southern India.
  • She’s also regarded as a vital cog in development and execution of various service programs for NTR Memorial Trust.

Excuse me if she has already been mentioned. But one person who came to my mind when I read this question was Brahmani Nara.

Daughter of famous Telugu actor Nandamuri Balakrishna – Wikipedia , and granddaughter of the most celebrated CM of combined Andhra Pradesh, N. T. Rama Rao – Wikipedia , daughter-in-law of the incumbent Chief Minister of AP, N. Chandrababu Naidu – Wikipedia , she truly has left her mark and is known to be extremely down to earth.

Here are some pictures:

With her in-laws and husband (incumbent Minister of IT and Panchayat)

With her son and husband.

With her sister and brother-in-law.

With her dad and husband on a shooting spot.

With her brother during her baby shower.

I read many of her interviews, they portray the matured and independent individual she is. Would love to see her leave a mark in politics too. 🙂

Credits: Neha Krishna Dasari

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

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Most productive ways to spend time on the Internet

Most Productive ways to spend time on Internet

Having a Internet connection opens you to large depository of knowledge. You might not completely aware of the power that Internet gives you. Thanks to smartphones, Virtually, we have unlimited source of information at our fingertips.
There are numerous websites on the internet that can make you smarter and more intelligent at no cost. Of Course, there are websites which can distract, you but if you want to utilize your time on the Internet, here is the list of sites that you must consider. : You Are Already Here. 1st Level Completed !!

You might not heard of it!! :() , but this site is among the most successful startups in year 2013. Quora’s mission is to share and grow world Knowledge. Its question-answer based site where people ask their questions and queries and get responses from expert. In fact, my this post is inspired by one of questions asked on this website. Simply, Quora is best source of knowledge. The good thing about Quora is that it contains questions are from all the fields like lifestyle, technology, travelling, cooking, internet and many more. Ask Anything and you will get the best answers to your questions. Also read the answers of the questions asked by other users. In short, Quora contains great information and facts which are rarely available. You can also write blog posts about what you know. I fell in love with this site since I first visited it.

2. 2nd Level !! Yet to Complete..

An awesome language teaching site that teaches you some International Languages from scratch. Currently it supports only Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Dutch, but more will be added soon. The good thing about the site is it starts at beginner level and it is completely free. If you put little effort and are really interesting in learning a new language, in couple of months you can speak and write a new language. Learning with duolingo is fun and addictive. Duolingo app is available for both iOS and Android so that you can learn anytime.

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3., Must Have Completed !!

An online application to test your brain and achieve its full potential. It provides free brain testing, memory testing and logical reasoning exercises which refreshes your brain and makes you more smarter and sharper. It’s the web most popular scientifically designed training program.

4., You Must Be Knowing About It!!

This site deserves a much higher place in this list because of its mission which aims at providing world class education to those who need it but cannot afford it. It is non-profit organization which provides world class education for everyone everywhere free of cost. It covers a wide variety of subjects like mathematics, science, economics, Arts and humanities and computer science. It also provide lectures for various test preparation like SAT, GMAT,IIT-JEE, MCAT, etc.

All the Khan academy’s educational content and material is available to everyone completely free of charge.

5., Who don’t know about it.

Collection of TED (Technology, Education and Design) talks in which experts addresses on wide variety of useful topics through small interval videos. It is like attending a world class seminar from home.


Do you ever dream of studying at world’s top universities? Now you can virtually fulfill this dream. provides online courses in collaboration with world’s best universities like University of California, The Hong Kong University of science and technology, Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Tokyo, University of Michigan and many more.

The approach used by is very much similar to real classes. You learn by watching demonstrating videos, perform activities and assignment and then submit the assignments .On the basis of your assignments you get marks. The quality of content and material at this class matches the education quality at world level universities. Here are the some courses I am currently attending :

· An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

· Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

· Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code

All these courses are available free of cost.


An ultimate site that helps stay in shape and provide valuable health tips. It provides very valuable information and case studies on how you can lose your weight. Feel like getting instructions from a professional sitting at home.

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As Internet is expanding each day, there is more demand of web developers and programmers. At codecademy you can learn the basics of code. You may not become a professional programmer immediately after following the tutorials but this site teaches you the right way to become an expert. Currently it provides classes and courses on web technologies like HTMLHTML, Javascript , jQuery, PHP, Ruby, WordPress, etc.


This site can be considered the repository of free online educational resources which include videos, tutorials, eBooks and audio books. It does not provide educational content itself but collects all the good learning material from all the sites(including the sites I mentioned above) and collaborate them so that you can access them at single place.


A unique site which provides information about the major facts of all countries. Select a country either alphabetically or from map and access information like Geography, People, Military, Communication, currency, Economy and so on.


A huge community which provide how-to-do step by step guides on almost everything – from some basic household tricks to high end tech tricks.


If your hobby includes reading and you are curious about things, then this is the site for you to visit. How Stuff works – An online source of easy to understand explanations

of how certain things actually works. From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells, and thousands of subjects in between, HowStuffWorks has it covered.

The list of such kind of websites is very long. I tried to cover only those which I found highly productive and useful. Do I Missed a great online resource? Share it with us by commenting below.

How would you explain the feel of menstruation to a boy?

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So a boy with no uterus, wants to know how does it feel to have one and leaking vagina?

Just imagine. You are sleeping. You are about to make out with your crush in your dream and then suddenly you feel something. You feel something wet and sticky. And it takes hardly ten seconds to realize that it’s not because of the dream, but the uterus you have. You turn the lights on and find yourself in the pool of blood. That wet sticky blood. You rush to the washroom and before you could even clean this mess, you happen to notice something. That’s pain. Well, the word “pain” isn’t actually sufficient to describe that. It’s a feeling. Inexplicable feeling. So your tummy hurts. And your back is so loyal to your tummy that even it starts hurting. And your thighs. And legs. And fucking every part of your body.

So you somehow manage to clean that mess and while placing the napkin at the appropriate place, all you think is, “What am I gonna do? How am I gonna spend the day? And that horrible night?”. You come back to the bed and try to sleep again. But you end up spending the whole night just to find that comfortable position. Because all you are feeling is that a not so cute vampire is trying to tear your uterus. A war is going on. And you can feel that shit. You take an analgesic and somehow manage to sleep at five.

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You wake up and the world is normal around you. People are laughing and working. How can they be happy when I am in so much pain? So you start shouting at whoever comes in front of you for no reason. Do you feel better by that? No. Would you do that again? Yes. Every. Fucking. Time. Why? Hormones!

You start getting ready for work. You want to wear particularly white today. Why? Mood. You can’t. Why? Staining. And those whispers.

You reach office. You have more work to do than usual days. Or it looks like to you that you have more work. Because you don’t belong here. You feel like doing something that makes you feel good usually. You call your girlfriend. She tells you that she is busy in playing PS4 with her friends. You feel worthless and decide to never talk to her.

You cry. No one notices you. You are suffering. No one is able to feel that. You come back home. You skip your meal because you don’t really feel like eating anything except that painkiller. You swallow that. Turn off the lights. And spend the whole night in finding a comfortable position to sleep in, again.

Relax! You are lucky. You don’t go through that. Just try to be a little nice to someone who is going through this. That would be of a great help.

Credits: Harshita Sharma

Who is the most humble billionaire?

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely humble guy.

Pic 1: Mr Lei was playing with his latest phone back then – Xiaomi Max in his economy seat that looked cramped and uncomfortable for a multimillionaire.

Pic 2: The son of the wealthiest man in China Wang SiCong mocked Lei Jun for his terrible English when Mr Lei gave a brief speech for XiaoMi’s conference in India: “To the entrepreneurs in China, please don’t embarrass yourself by speaking English in other countries!”

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Pic 3: Mr Lei never took others’ taunts to heart and he’s glad that his “terrible English” brought a smile to millions of people across India and China. He later apologised for embarrassing his alma mater – Wu Han Univeristy on global stage.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely diligent billionaire.

He’s now the CEO of Xiaomi, the board chairman of ShunWei Capital – a venture capital corporation managing billions across the world, chairman of Kingsoft, YY, and Cheetah Mobile – all of which are extremely successful software companies worth billions, AND the representative of people in The Republic of China. He was once the chairman of UC too, the producer of wildly popular UC browser. He works 12 hours everyday and he’s 47 now.

Elon Musk – another billionaire that I respect a lot – was all over Quora, yet I’ve never seen anybody mention Lei Jun before; he deserves to be revered as much as Elon.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely ambitious billionaire with the heart of improving the lives of millions.

Just like Elon, Lei Jun made his fortune way earlier through multiple investments in huge firms including KingSoft which he founded and UC. Although he could’ve retired and enjoyed writing and drinking Coke(his favourite drink), he founded Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone company in the world now.

Before Xiaomi, mediocre smartphones sold for unreasonably high price in China. Imitation goods with no brands dominated the lower end market.

After Xiaomi, the price of flagships smartphones, except Apple and Samsung, were brought to the floor. Brandless fake products were extinct.

Pic 4: Xiaomi Mi 1, the first phone from Xiaomi that changed the smartphone market in China.

Millions of poor Chinese had access to a high tech product and the internet for the first time.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely charitable billionaire.

He has donated altogether 100 million RMB to his alma mater WuHan University. Xiaomi Inc equipped all the primary schools in Bei Jing with their air purifier during the horrendous haze season. The bonus shares awarded by Kingsoft to Lei Jun, worth of 80 million RMB, were all given to KingSoft’s workers – each of them received 20 thousands RMB.

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Pic 5: Lei Jun posing in front of Xiaomi’s best looking smartphone in history – Mi Mix.

Pic 6: Lei Jun on the cover of Forbes. Xiaomi was the most valuable startup – even more so than UBER.

A down-to-earth guy who never bothered marketing himself as Ironman, but was indeed doing world changing deeds as great as Tony Stark. SALUTE!

Credits: Jason Cha